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Samantha Yammine

Samantha Yammine

PhD student
EducationUniversity of Toronto
Areas of ExpertiseNeuroscience, stem cells, development

How to build and rebuild brains with stem cells?

Samantha will be returning to her Soapbox on Sept. 24th to discuss her research in stem cells.

Describe your field of work

Beneath your tough skull is a squishy brain that is fascinating! I study how stem cells help to build our brains before we're born, and how they can be used to regenerate them in injuries and disease. My PhD thesis is about building family trees for brain stem cells to figure out where all the cells in your awesome brain come from.

Why are you excited about Soapbox Science?

I am SO excited to be a Soapbox Science speaker because learning about the brain blows my mind everyday, and I want to share that exciting feeling with everyone. I love talking about science with new people and it's such an honour to get to deliver the latest research to the people who fund it through their tax dollars. So please come by to say hey and we can exchange some of our favourite fun facts about biology!

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