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Dr. Rachel Ward-Maxwell

Dr. Rachel Ward-Maxwell

Researcher-Programmer, Astronomy & Space Sciences
EducationOntario Science Centre
Areas of ExpertiseComputational astrophysics, star formation

The Galactic Star Formation Rate Problem

Find Dr. Ward-Maxwell talking about her work at the Ontario Science Centre on her soapbox at 12:00 pm.

Describe your field of study/work

Have you ever wondered how a star is born? My doctoral thesis explored how the structure and evolution of stellar nurseries can affect the formation of stars in the Milky Way and nearby spiral galaxies.

Why are you excited about Soapbox Science?

I am looking forward to the opportunity to speak on a soapbox about my passion for astronomy and science literacy. I also support any opportunity to promote and support women in STEM disciplines and challenge the stereotypical perception of a scientist.

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