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Headshot of Dr. Shaalee Sone

Dr. Shaalee Sone

Outreach Intern
EducationOntario Brain Institute
Areas of ExpertiseRare inherited diseases, genetics, mutations

How can medicine fix mistakes in our genes?

Meet Shaalee on her Soapbox at Harbourfront at 2:00 pm.

Describe your field of study/work.

Sometimes we get mutations in our genes that make us stronger -- like the super powers in X-Men -- and sometimes we get mutations that make us sick. For my PhD I studied the mutations that make us sick and created treatments to overcome them and be healthy again. These treatments included gene therapy, bone marrow transplantation, and enzyme replacement therapy.

Why are you excited about Soapbox Science?

I love science and want to show others why it's so great so that they can love it too! Making science accessible is critical to increasing the public's science literacy and interest. I hope that after hearing my presentation at Soapbox Science people will be inspired to learn more about genetics and their bodies.