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Ashley Reynolds

Ashley Reynolds

PhD student
EducationRoyal Ontario Museum & UofT
Areas of ExpertiseGrowth dynamics in living and extinct cats; Bone histology

Sabre-toothed cat growth and behaviour: A purr-plexing mystery

Ashley will join Sopabox Science for a second time on Sunday September 24th at 2:00 pm.

What is your field of study?

I study the growth of living and extinct cats by looking at the microstructure of their bones, called osteohistology. I look for a lot of things inside bones, but mostly I'm trying to find annual growth marks (think tree rings), which can tell me things like how old an animal was when it died, and how big it was at different points in its life. Growth patterns differ between species, so by looking at how a living species' ecology relates to its growth, we can start to understand the ecology of extinct animals, too!

What excites you about Soapbox Science?

I am excited to help change the persistent idea of scientists as white men, and show the public that science is super cool! One of the hardest things about communicating science is figuring out how to reach people who may not include scientific learning in their day-to-day life. Soapbox Science provides a solution to this problem by bringing scientists out of the lecture hall, putting them in a more public setting, and showing off how exciting science can be!

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