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Return to Campus Student FAQ for Winter 2022 Semester

The university will begin a gradual return to campus on January 31, with a full return expected by February 28, 2022. More information can be found in President Lachemi's message.

Last updated: January 31, 2022

The university will begin a gradual return to campus on January 31, with a full return expected by February 28, 2022.. Planning is very well in progress to support our students’ return to campus. The University has committed to following the provincial and municipal guidelines with respect to safe practices. View the latest information on health and safety measures in everything you need to know for coming back to campus.

If you have further questions or need more help, please contact your department from the pages listed below. We’re here to support you and your success.

Lectures and tutorial sections which were scheduled to run in a classroom environment (i.e. those which have a specific room number assigned visible in RAMSS) will resume in-person starting on Monday February 28, 2022.  

Course delivery for BLG, BMS, BCH, CHY, MTH, PCS, CPS, and MS course codes will remain virtual for all lecture and tutorial sections until after Reading week (i.e. until Monday, February 28).  

Starting Monday, February 28, there will be no expectation that your professors deliver course materials in a hybrid format (i.e. there is no requirement to prepare virtual alternatives to in-person lectures once in-class lecturing resumes), nor will your professors have the option to deliver hybrid assessment formats (i.e. each assessment must be set entirely using either an in-person format for every student in the course OR a remote/virtual format for every student in the course). Any exception to this will be communicated via the individual courses D2L sites.  

Lectures and tutorials for courses with BLG, BMS, BCH, CHY, MTH, PCS or CPS codes that are listed as running in a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM on RAMSS will remain virtual for the entire term and all assessments must be completed using a remote/virtual format.  

Laboratory (for CHY and BLG only) sessions will begin running in-person experiments as soon as the week of January 31st, 2022. Laboratory (for some PCS courses) may run before Feb 28th and this will be communicated via the individual course D2L sites. There are some individual experiments which were always intended to run in a virtual format, therefore please check the exact start date for in-person laboratory experiments in any individual course using the documents and announcements found on each course’s D2L site.  

Students should ensure they have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (i.e. Lab Coats, Safety Goggles, etc.) as detailed in the documents and announcements of the course and bring that equipment with them to each laboratory session starting with their first scheduled in-person experimental session (i.e. starting from January 31, 2022). Students who do not bring the appropriate PPE will not be allowed in the laboratory to complete that session’s experiment. Lockers will be made available to store winter coats and bags during the lab sessions, although students are encouraged to only bring what is necessary with them when they come to campus. As students may have a synchronous lecture session immediately before or after a lab session, we are working to ensure that they will be able to join the lecture from an appropriate study space on campus.  

As we return to campus, we must all (students, staff and faculty) take the safety of ourselves and those around us into account. No individual is permitted on campus unless they adhere to the requirements of the university’s vaccine mandate.

International students will be required to come to campus for in-person courses as of Feb 28th. The last date to drop a course and be refunded fees is Feb 11, 2022. If international students do not have their visa permits to travel by Feb 11, they should consider deferring their semester and dropping their courses and requesting a full refund. They can also get in contact with their program director for more help.  

All individuals are expected to adhere to the university’s indoor mask mandate including in all classrooms and laboratory spaces (details on the mask mandate and how to request medical grade masks). As always, students are not allowed to eat or drink in the laboratory. Eating and drinking will also not be permitted in classrooms as 2-meter social distancing can’t be maintained in these environments. In other indoor spaces, masks can only be temporarily removed for eating or drinking where social distancing (minimum 2 m) is maintained.  

All individuals coming to campus are also required to complete the daily health screening either online or through their RyersonSafe App each day they come to campus. Students will be required to show their Daily Screening QR code indicating they have passed the health screening for that day prior to being allowed to enter a laboratory and may be required to show the Daily Screening QR code to enter a classroom.  

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