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Industry Partnerships

If your company has an innovative idea, but needs the backing of expert research, our Science Research and Innovation Office can help. Together, we can explore the potential and conduct the research you need to make sound business decisions and create real-world solutions.  

Partnering with us can give your company a competitive edge, minimize your financial and technical risk, and let you access high-quality work, often done more quickly and cost-effectively.

Our research office can assist with every aspect of the journey, including:  

Research Funding Programs
Maximize funding that favour R&D partnerships between academia and industry. Some agencies offer 1:1 matching for cash and in-kind support.

Expertise and State of the Art
Connect with researchers, attract talent and gain access to ultramodern, sometimes rare, research tools and facilities. Find an expert (external link) .

Project Management and Support
Free up your resources. Our office can keep track of deadlines, expenses, paper work, legal agreements and provide project management.

Get Started

To discuss your project idea, contact us:

Adnan Syed
Manager, Research Programs, Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives

416-979-5000 Ext. 2134