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Are you passionate about new technology or living organisms? Are you fascinated by live lab experiments or figuring out puzzling math problems inside your head? Whatever your interests, Toronto Metropolitan University's undergraduate science programs can help you launch an exciting career in STEM.

Our Experiential Learning approach lets you gain hands-on experience beyond the classroom. All of our programs will train you to take solid theory and apply it to the real world. We push conventional boundaries of science and create solutions with meaningful impact on society. Explore our seven programs across four departments: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry & Biology.


Dive deep into the nature of life and living organisms – from cellular structures to ecological systems. Our biology program can lead to a wide variety of career paths in bioinformatics, environmental, health and molecular sciences, and more.

Biomedical Sciences

Unravel the secrets underlying complex, medically relevant problems, such as aging and disease. Our program provides a foundation for work in fields such as genetics, immunology, toxicology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, health policy and patent law.


Chemistry drives almost everything we do – from creating new pharmaceuticals and materials to conducting forensic investigations. Our program equips you for careers ranging from research and quality control to sales and management for government, industry or academia. 

Computer Science

With 92.6% of graduates employed within six months, our part-time and full-time computer science program is in demand. Learn about programming languages, algorithms, networks, data structures, machine learning and the latest technologies used in all kinds of sectors.

Financial Mathematics

Energized by the fast-paced world of finance? This specialized, in-depth mathematics program will equip you to drive the economy forward using expertise in market analysis, investment management and risk evaluation. Graduates are in demand in banks, investing, government, fintech, big business and more. 

Mathematics & Its Applications

Intrigued by the mathematical underpinnings of complex problems? The program trains you to apply logic and math principles to anything from technology to disease to cryptology. Actuarial science, data analytics, economics and statistics are a few of many possible career paths. 

Medical Physics

In this fast-growing field, you’ll apply the principles of physics to medicine and healthcare. Make an impact by innovating or improving diagnostic and treatment modalities, such as CT scans or ultrasound. The program can also lead to careers in nuclear safety or clinical specializations such as MRI technologist.