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Special Students Status

Some students may be granted status as a Special Student. This applies to:

  • University graduates who are taking courses at Toronto Metropolitan to upgrade their skills/knowledge
  • Students currently enrolled at other universities who cannot access certain course at their own school, but which are offered at Toronto Metropolitan  

Rules and Regulations

Please note the following:

  • Required to Withdraw: students under a Required to Withdraw standing (or equivalent) from any university do not qualify for Special Student status in this faculty
  • Transition Program: For Special Students, the following First Year Science courses are available for enrolment only through the Transition program:  

Application Procedure

NOTE: Special Student application for upper year students is still available.

  1. Download and complete the google docFOS Special Student Permission Form, external link.
  2. Obtain approval from the Program Director in the department that offers the course you wish to take. To find the Program Director, see the "List of Contacts". You must provide the Program Director with a written rationale for your request, an official transcript, and appropriate documentation such as:
    1. Letter of Permission from your current post-secondary institution.
    2. Letter of Academic Evaluation from a licensing body (e.g. Professional Engineers of Ontario)
    3. Letter from a Graduate Program Director recommending qualifying courses for potential admission to a specific graduate program.
    4. Other documentation that demonstrates your eligibility as a candidate for Special Student status may also be accepted at the Program Director’s discretion.
  3. If your request is approved, the Program Director will sign and date Section A of the Permission Form. You must complete Section B. The Program Director will retain a copy of the completed form and accompanying documentation for their records and forward a copy to the Associate Dean. NOTE: Special Students may be denied access to courses if they have been found abusing the system, as determined by the Associate Dean.
  4. If you have already been admitted as a Special Student from a previous term, and have not had six or more consecutive terms without enrollment, you may skip step 5 and proceed to "Enrolling in Courses" below. Otherwise, proceed to step 5.
  5. If you have not already received a Special Student Offer of Admission, you must upload a copy of the Permission form (to be completed with the Program Director’s authorization), and complete the web-based Toronto Metropolitan Application. Access this through your Choose > Toronto Metropolitan Applicant portal page. For detailed instruction on how to upload your documents, visit Toronto Metropolitan Admissions. NOTE: To process your application, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions only requires your completed FOS Special Student Permission Form; no academic transcripts or the Supplementary Form is required.

Enrolling in Courses

Please note that Special Student enrolments depend on course availability and cannot be finalized until after the regular program students have been served. Enrolment is not guaranteed for Special Students.
Once the Office of Undergraduate Admissions approves your application, you may visit the program department during the enrolment period to enrol in the approved course(s).

NOTE: Before the program department can enrol you in any courses, it will need to see your FOS Permission Form.  

Course Program Director Contact
First Year & Common Science1

Dr. Anne Johnson 416-979-5000
Ext. 6348
First Year & Common Engineering2

Dr. Lamya Amleh 416-979-5000
Ext. 6417
Dr. Vadim Bostan 416-979-5000
Ext. 6546
Cellular and Molecular Biology3
Dr. Costin Antonescu 416-979-5000
Ext. 6546
Dr. Stephen Wylie 416-979-5000
Ext. 6355
Biomedical Science3
Dr. Sarah Sabatinos 416-979-5000
Ext. 3570
Computer Science3
Dr. Abdolreza Abhari 416-979-5000
Ext. 7408
Math and its Applications3 Dr. Sebastian Ferrando 416-979-5000
Ext. 7415
Financial Mathematics3 Dr. Foivos Zanthos 416-979-5000
Ext. 6971
Physics Dr. Jahan Tavakkoli 416-979-5000
Ext. 7535

1 For BLG 143, BLG 144, CHY 103, CHY 113, CPS 118, MTH 131, MTH 231, PCS 120, PCS 130 and SCI courses.
2 For CHY 102, CPS 125, ECN 801, MTH 140, MTH 141, MTH 240, PCS 125, PCS 211 please go to the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science website for the approval process and documentation.
3 Except first year courses (see notes 1 and 2 above)