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Services & Supports

At Toronto Metropolitan University, we’re committed to your success, with services and supports dedicated to helping you be your personal and academic best. Balance is critical and your wellbeing is important to us, so we encourage you to focus on yourself as well as your studies. Our recreation activities, student care, and wellbeing programs will support you on and off  campus to build connections and achieve a healthy lifestyle, while mentorship opportunities will guide and encourage you to fulfill your academic, personal and professional goals.


Centre for Student Development and Counselling

Counselling services at the Centre for Student Development and Counselling (CSDC) are currently being offered remotely via telephone or video. To book an appointment, contact 416-979-5195 or

All Toronto Metropolitan University students can access 24/7 mobile counselling or crisis support with Keep.meSAFE using the My SSP app. The My SSP app is available on the Apple Store,, external link or Google Play,, external link. Keep.meSAFE can also be accessed with a phone call by dialing 1-844-451-9700.

Thrive RU

We provide training and resources to Toronto Metropolitan University students to teach the skills associated with resilience, well-being and thriving in both an academic and personal context. Principles of positive psychology underpin all of the programs associated with ThriveRU.

Visit Thriving in Action Online, opens in new window — to access a library of learning and wellbeing strategies.

Email to sign up for the next cohort.

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Active wellbeing

Many things have changed, but physical activity and a sense of belonging remain critical to our well-being and academic success.

To keep things simple for you, Recreation has gathered all of our current offerings that happen at Toronto Metropolitan University, online or in your neighbourhood.

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MOVE Everywhere: Online

The importance of regular physical activity and a sense of community connection are critical to our well-being and academic success. 

Whether live classes with us or pre-recorded content from elsewhere, Esports or Zoom meetups: Join us... And MOVE!

All programs are freely available to all Toronto Metropolitan University students.

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Esports & Movement Challenges

Keep moving and stay connected with our Intramural Sports & Social Leagues, whether our Esports leagues and tournaments featuring FIFA20, Rocket League and Among Us, or our team and individual movement challenges - run, walk, roll and more!

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Movement breaks

Welcome to your movement break! This is your chance to recharge your mind and body during those quick moments in between classes, meetings, study sessions, or whatever life throws your way.

Choose your break time to find an activity that works for you!

This is your journey — we're here to help

First-year can be challenging or daunting to some, but it is also a great time for self-discovery, to gain independence, and learn how to ask for help. We want you to know that you're not alone — many of your peers are feeling the same way, and there's support if and when you need it. Navigate RU will help ease your university transition and show you how to revel in the opportunities ahead.

Need help navigating Ryerson resources and supports?

Student Success Navigators will help students navigate campus, understand student resources, and make proactive referrals with the intention of fostering a culture of engagement, support, and student success.

Connect with a Student Success Navigator

Career & Co-op Centre

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Career planning starts when you first arrive at Toronto Metropolitan University. The Career & Co-op Centre is a valuable service for students to seek out jobs on campus, get information about co-op placements, access to career development resources, and engage with an online job board connecting them with a network of 10,000+ employers.

The Career & Co-op Centre will help you reflect on your personal strengths, prepare you for job searching, enable you to explore career opportunities and support transitions to new career phases.

Student Wellbeing

Access medical and mental health services, along with information and resources to support personal wellness.

International Student Support

Access support and advisors on immigration, financial assistance, healthcare and more for a successful student life in Canada.

Current Students (Office of the Registrar)

Find everything to support academic success at Toronto Metropolitan University, from admissions to graduation, including awards, scholarships and more.

Student Affairs

Connect with a network of advisors and programs supporting students in Learning, Housing, Career and Co-op, Student Life and Care, and more.

Aboriginal Student Services

Connect with culturally supportive services that balance academic learning with traditional teachings and culture.

Career & Co-op Centre

The university's central resource for students and alumni up to five years after graduation to access innovative career development support.

Consent Comes First

The Office of Sexual Violence Support and Education provides support to Toronto Metropolitan University community members affected by sexual violence and other forms of gender-based violence.

Student Care

We work with the Toronto Metropolitan University community to identify students in distress, address disruptive student behaviour and assist students who are navigating challenging personal, academic and/or financial issues.

Global Learning

Find everything needed to participate in global learning activities. From international exchange to online global courses, travel preparation to funding, and more.