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Toronto Metropolitan University is where a world of possibilities collide. It starts with our location in the heart of a global city and runs through every aspect of campus life. Here, you’ll experience a diverse and creative community enriched by a multitude of perspectives, underscored by equity, diversion and inclusion. 

As a first year student, we know the importance of immersing yourself in student life, meeting new people and discovering fresh perspectives, so Toronto Metropolitan University has adapted all of our community-building programs for fall 2021 to ensure new undergraduate and graduate students can participate. Join us for our pre-orientation programming, meet your fellow students through orientation events, discover our residence options, and experience the benefits of our many other programs that will help you build a supportive network of friends and mentors for years to come.

Housing & Residence Life

Two female students gesturing peace signs while wearing masks on move-in day

Community is at the heart of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Housing & Residence Life. During COVID-19, the safety of students has been the top priority and staff have adapted and found creative ways to ensure incoming students have a stable, secure community to join. While the pandemic has impacted the traditional experience of residence life, some experiences haven’t changed. Residence Advisors continue to be accessible to support students; Academic Links are available to help students navigate online learning; and senior student leaders have been hired to focus on community building.

Orientation events

Winter Orientation

Winter Orientation takes place takes place between January 11 to January 21, 2022 and gives you the chance to connect with other new students, get familiar with different services and supports available to you, and get to know your way around campus. Whether it's welcoming you back to campus or welcoming you for the first time, we're excited to see you!

Tri-Mentoring Program

The Tri-Mentoring Program’s (TMP) educational priority is to mentor each student using their individual experience to find their sense of belonging on campus. The “tri” represents our peer-to-peer, career, and group mentoring activities.

Mentoring is currently virtual over Google Meet, Zoom, and using a platform called PeopleGrove, external link.

PeopleGrove helps provide access to mentoring through group discussion boards and tools for engagement.

"TMP is an integral part of student life, and the university community. I want all students to know that they have fantastic resources for community building and support at Toronto Metropolitan University..."

Adriana Carpanzano, Former Faculty of Arts Lead Mentor


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Connect with other incoming students, get familiar with academic programs and learn how to navigate all things Ryerson. 

Athletics & Recreation

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Get active and engaged with information about Toronto Metropolitan University Athletics, recreational programs and exercise facilities available to all students.

International Student Support

Access support and advisors on immigration, financial assistance, healthcare and more for a successful student life in Canada.

Student Affairs

Connect with a network of advisors and programs supporting students in Learning, Housing, Career and Co-op, Student Life and Care, and more.


Leadership Development uses your experiences on campus and in your community to educate and inform programs focused on your evolution as a leader.

Equity & Community Inclusion

Our mandate is to maintain a visible presence for equity, diversity and inclusion and Indigenous values across the university, while addressing the range of systemic barriers at Toronto Metropolitan University. 


Looking for opportunities to engage in campus life? ConnectRU is your one-stop shop for events that are happening (virtually) across campus this year. 


Toronto Metropolitan University has a vibrant campus community made up of more than 200 student clubs and organizations. 

Aboriginal Student Services

Connect with culturally supportive services that balance academic learning with traditional teachings and culture.