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Why RTA at TorontoMet?

The field of media is always changing, and platforms we take for granted today did not exist a decade ago. What remains constant is the need for creators, storytellers and programmers to shape the way that people engage with each other and the world around them. By studying media, you have the opportunity to carve your own path as a creator and storyteller. From day one you can chase your dream job, choose your classes and specialize in a particular field, from broadcasting to art, design and production

60+ Years

Three Programs

1234 students

As a future media creator and professional, you'll be designing content, platforms and experiences that satisfy your audiences and create opportunities to entertain, educate and inspire change. To be successful in these pursuits, you need a combination of creative skills and business skills. An education here in the RTA School of Media will give you these skills, whether you're focused on media production, new media or sport media.