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Charles Zamaria Headshot

Charles Zamaria

DepartmentRTA School of Media
EducationBFA (Hons), York (Can.), MA, Windsor
OfficeRCC 122
Phoneext 557549

Charles Zamaria is a full professor in the RTA School of Media and the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Ryerson University. His specialization includes the study of business aspects and production practices in all media program production, and policy studies for various media industries, with particular emphasis on the cultural sector. Professor Zamaria is also appointed Research Fellow at the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies, York University. As a researcher, the current focus of his work is the examination of behaviour, attitudes and trends related to adoption of the Internet and emerging technologies.

Professor Zamaria has been Principal Investigator and Project Director of the continuing research study, the Canadian Internet Project, since its inception in 2004 (, external link, opens in new window). He has authored numerous articles and made many presentations around the world regarding the findings of CIP. Professor Zamaria also represents Canada within a research consortium called the World Internet Project (WIP), headquartered at USC in California (Center for the Digital Future:, external link, opens in new window and, external link, opens in new window). Concurrently, Professor Zamaria serves as Financial Director for the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund — a leading funding organization supporting the development of convergent cross-platform digital content in Canada (Internet, wireless, mobile, games, interactive and broadcast television). Along with his day-to-day responsibilities, he has helped to create guidelines for best practices in the industry and national professional benchmarks for the emerging new media content production sector.

Professor Zamaria is also Financial Director for several other funding agencies, including the Independent Production Fund, the COGECO Program Development Fund and the Canwest Alberta Fund. These private organizations provide grants, loans and equity investments for various genres of television programming and feature film production. As a media practitioner for the past 35 years, Professor Zamaria has worked for numerous broadcasting organizations and production companies in various senior management capacities. Further, he was an editor with the CBC for several years. He has a long list of credits as producer, line producer, production manager, accountant, sound recordist and editor on dozens of award-winning independent film and television productions.