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Computer Specifications

The School of Interior Design requires students to purchase or have access to a computer capable of running industry-standard software. Laptop computers are strongly recommended rather than desktop computers so that they may be used and easily transported between home, residence, SID studios, and in-class learning environments. Because several required software programs are not available on a Mac operating system, it is recommended that students purchase computers with a Microsoft Windows operating system. If students choose to use Apple Macintosh computers running a Mac operating system, they will need to purchase and install Windows Bootcamp.

Students are expected to maintain and install software on their own computers. If computer assistance is needed, services such as Geek Squad at Best Buy should be considered.  For university related computing issues, such as email and learning systems, contact Ryerson Computing and Communications Services, opens in new window (CCS), and for educational discounts log in to

The configuration listed below is intended to serve as a baseline for minimum requirements, but choosing to increase the specifications, such as 32 GB of RAM and a better graphics card, will maintain computer performance when using complex software over the years. Noting individual student circumstances vary, each student should carefully address their needs.

Configuration (Minimum Specifications):

  • Display: 15” display. (External monitor recommended)
  • Processor/CPU: Intel Core i7 ( 9MB Cache, up to 4.1 GHz, 6 Cores)*
  • Windows 10 Pro x 64 bit 
  • Hard drive: 1TB Solid State Drive
  • Memory/RAM: 16GB (32 GB recommended)
  • Graphics Card for PC: NVIDIA or AMD with 4GB discrete memory
  • Graphics Card for Apple Macintosh: Radeon with 4GB discrete memory
  • 3 Year Onsite/In-Home Service warranty

*For Apple computers, an Intel processor is recommended

Required Software**:

  • Rhino 3D (Discounted for students)
  • Autocad (Free for students from Autodesk)
  • Adobe Suite (At minimum: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro)
  • Revit (Free for students from Autodesk)
  • V-ray for Rhino 3D (Discounted for students - not needed until second year)

**Instructors will provide details as this is subject to change