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The Program

The Program - Student working with tools with wood

About the Program

The School of Interior Design’s Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) is a four year program with core streams encompassing design, technology, history, professional development and visual communication in combination with educational experiences ranging from site visits and  field trips to international exchange opportunities.

The following major curriculum streams reach across all years of the Bachelor of Interior Design program:

Communications (IRC)

Visual communication is explored using both traditional and computer-generated media.                                      

Design Dynamics (IRD)

These hands-on courses make full use of the school’s 3D workshops and explore design in the second and third dimensions.

History of Art and Design (IRH)

The study of art and design history occurs throughout the four years of the program.

Interior Design (IRN)

The main area of study takes place in lecture and studio courses. A strength of the program has been our immersive approach to design problems. Students are challenged at a very early stage in their interior design education by extensive projects in place-making within both local and global contexts. Projects increase in scale from year one to four. All major fields of design are covered from residential projects to institutional design.


Professional Practice (IRP)

Starting in year three, students are exposed to the business aspects of interior design practice. The internship requirement is part of this stream.                                                                   






Technology (IRT)

Beginning with residential building construction in year one, students learn about commercial building construction, building codes and integrated building systems. Students also explore materials, finishes and design detailing.

A variety of professional electives, professionally related electives and liberal studies courses, expand student knowledge beyond the boundaries of a professional education.