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Blockchain Technology Review Committee (BTRC)

Blockchain Review Panel (BRP)

The BRP was established by Toronto Metropolitan University and is responsible for identifying affiliate members and overseeing the selection of client companies. Members of the BRP may also work with client companies if that member is determined to have the most relevant experience.

Professor Atty Mashatan

Dr. Mashatan is an Associate Professor at Ted Rogers School of Information Technology Management, a Canada Research Chair in Quality of Security Framework for the Internet of Things, as well as Founder and Director of the Cybersecurity Research Lab. Her research is focused on the development of novel cybersecurity designs based on emerging technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and Quantum Computing. She investigates challenges and opportunities brought forward by these new technologies and how they change the threat landscape of cybersecurity.

Professor Bilal Farooq

Dr. Farooq is the Canada Research Chair in Disruptive Transportation Technologies and Services. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers, four book chapters and one book in the area of smart cities/mobility. He has been awarded Early Researcher Awards both in Québec (2014) and Ontario (2018). He has developed an open-sourced distributed framework for mobility data markets using blockchain. He has also done extensive work on using blockchain for privacy-by-design machine learning and travel demand modelling.

Baraa El-Kadri

Baraa is a seasoned business professional with over 23 years of experience in the ICT space. His career spans various roles in technical and business capacities at multinational organizations, startup companies and government agencies in Canada and abroad. These organizations include Nortel Networks, Research In Motion, Innovance Networks and the Government of Canada. He has also worked with more than 300 telecom carriers internationally.