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How to Complete an Account Inquiry

You can review your student fees account by selecting the Account Inquiry link in the Student Fees section of your Student Centre, in RAMSS.

The Student Centre page on RAMSS. The Student Fees section on the page is highlighted.

You can view details about your account by term, including:

  • charges applied to your account
  • payments made to your account
  • how the payments were applied to the fees charged
  1. Select the Account Inquiry link.

    The Student Fees section of the Student Center page. The Account Inquiry link under the My Account section is highlighted.

  2. Your fees can be reviewed here, on the Account Summary page.

    If you require a more detailed breakdown of your fees, select the term you would like to review.

    The Account Summary page. A table with a breakdown of all fees displayed.

    The Academic Information link shows the courses you have enrolled in.
    The Charges Due link shows a breakdown of the fees due by term.
    The Payment History link shows the details of payments posted to your student account.

  3. Here you will see the payment and fee details for the term you selected.

    The Account Details page with the fee breakdown table displayed. The Amount Incl Tax column and Account Balance sections are highlighted.

    The Amount Incl Tax column is the amount charged for each item.
    The Balance column is the amount remaining to be paid towards each item.
    The Account Balance is the total amount owing for the term selected.

  1. Here you will find information about all the terms for which you have enrolled in courses.

    Select the Enrolment link to display your course enrolment history for the term you would like to review.

    The Academic Information table with course enrolment history displayed.

  2. Here, on the Enrolment Summary page you will find your enrolment history for the term selected.

    Under the Details tab you can view enrolled and dropped courses within the selected term.

    The Enrollment Summary page with enrolment history for the term selected displayed in a table format.

    Here, you will also find information on billing units assigned to each course.

    Most undergraduate tuition fees are assessed by billing units.

    Billing units are determined based on the number of contact hours (some exceptions apply) assigned to each course:

    • Courses between 0.01 to 6.00 hours = 1 billing unit
    • Courses between 6.01 to 12.00 hours = 2 billing units
    • Course greater than 12.01 hours = 3 billing units
  3. Under the Dates tab you can review your enrolment timeline. This will display when courses were added and/or dropped.

    The Dates tab of the Enrollment Summary page with an enrolment timeline table.

The charges due link contains two tabs:

  1. Summary by Due Date

    This view will display unpaid fees and their due date.

    The Summary By Due Date page.

  2. Details of Charges Due

    This view will display the original fee balance, what is left to be paid and when it is due.

    The Details of Charges Due page.

The payments tab shows a history of payments made to your account.

The Payments History page.

You may select a date range to display the payments made within a specified period of time.

To do this, select the filter iconFilter icon. The Filter screen will then appear. Enter the date range you would like to review, then select ‘Done’. You will then be brought to the selected payment range.

The Filter screen, with two fields to enter a From Date and a To Date displayed.