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Financial Aid

Please note: Some of the screenshots in the following tutorials may not look exactly like your RAMSS account. However, steps and instructions provided are accurate. Updated screenshots, reflecting the current RAMSS layout, are coming soon!

The Financial Aid section of your Student Center lets you view the details of the scholarships, awards and bursaries issued to you by Ryerson and when the funds are expected to be deposited in your RAMSS (fees) account.

You can view your awards and scholarship details from the Financial Aid section of your home page.
View Financial Aid link in Financial Aid section of RAMSS

  1. Click the View Financial Aid link.
    Link of Aid Years with links to years with available info

This shows the Aid Years that scholarships, awards or bursaries have been issued to you. Aid Years that you can view information for have a link on the Aid Year that you can click to view the details of the aid by year and by term.

If the link is not active, no scholarships, awards or bursaries have been issued to you.

  1. Click on the Aid Year you wish to view.
    Award Summary page with Aid Year details and link to View Scheduled Disbursement Dates

This shows the details of the financial aid awards for the year and the breakdown by term. Note that the Offered and Accepted amounts are the same. This is the amount or value of the scholarships, bursaries or awards awarded to you.

Many scholarships, awards and bursaries are designated to be pay tuition fees first. If tuition fees have been paid in full and a credit balance exists in your account, you must visit the Student Fees office to request a refund.

Scholarships, awards and bursaries that are not designated to pay tuition fees will be issued in the form of a fee refund approximately seven to 10 business days from the expected disbursement date.

Click the View Scheduled Disbursement Dates link.
Scheduled Disbursements page with link to Account Inquiry

This shows the amount of your awards and the date each amount is expected to be deposited into your fee account.

If awards are disbursed over multiple terms, you will see the dates that funds are expected to be disbursed to you fee account.

The Expected Disbursement Date does not reflect the date funds will be deposited to your fees account. Depending on the time of the year, it may take up to 10 business days for funds to be deposited to your fees account.

The Account Inquiry link takes you to your Account Summary where you can see if and when the disbursement has been deposited into your account.

Questions About Scholarships, Awards, or Bursaries:

Graduate Students

Contact your Program Administrator. Contact information is on the School of Graduate Studies website at

Undergraduate and Continuing Education Students

Contact the ServiceHub.

If you have questions about refunds, contact the ServiceHub.