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How to Accept an Offer of Admissions

If you have submitted an application for admission to a program at Ryerson using a TMU Application and are granted admission, your offer of admission will show in the Admissions section of your home page.
Accept/Decline link in Admissions section of RAMSS

When this happens, you can accept or decline your offer of admission online. You can do this by selecting the Accept/Decline link in the Admissions section.

  1. Click the Accept/Decline link. You can also click Accept or Decline beside the admission offer you wish to accept or decline.

Accept Admission page with list of offers with Accept/Decline link
This shows the offer(s) of admission that have been made to you. You should read the page carefully before proceeding.

  1. Click the Accept/Decline link beside the offer you want to accept.
    Accept/Decline page with program details and buttons to Accept or Decline offer
  2. Confirm that this is the offer that you want to accept.
  3. Click I Accept Admission.
    Confirm Acceptance button
  4. Click Confirm Acceptance.
    Acceptance confirmation message

The next time that you click the Accept/Decline link in the Admissions section of your Student Center, the admission offer that you accepted will no longer show.
Admissions section of RAMSS no longer displaying outstanding offers

If you accept more than one offer, only the latest accepted offer will be valid.

You can also decline an offer. See the How to Decline an Offer of Admission tutorial for details.

If you have problems accepting an admission offer or you change your mind about accepting, contact Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at the ServiceHub or Graduate Admissions at