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How to Apply to Graduate

This tutorial is for Continuing Education students.

For Undergraduate and Graduate student tutorials, please refer to the main Academics page.

Once you have enrolled in or applied for credit in your final courses for your program, you must apply for graduation. Do not wait for final grades of your final program courses. This application must be done well in advance of the Convocation ceremony and must be done within the specified deadline dates.  Applications to graduate at the June ceremonies are usually accepted between November and February prior to the ceremony.  For the October/November ceremonies, applications are usually made in June and July.

By applying for graduation, you are notifying the University that you expect to complete your program and are ready to graduate.  You must apply to graduate even if you do not plan to attend the Convocation ceremony.

To complete your application, you must pay an administration fee using a valid VISA, MasterCard or AMEX card.

If you do not have a valid credit card or do not have access to RAMSS, contact for assistance.

For more information about applying for graduation, see the Curriculum Advising website.

If you want to be considered for graduation with a Minor:

You can select a minor only after you have completed the basic application to graduate. See the Select a Minor tutorial for details.

Apply to Graduate

  1. Apply to graduate from the Academics section of your home page. Click the My Academics link.
    My Academics link in Academic section of RAMSS
  2. Click the Apply for graduation link.
    Apply for Graduation link and program details in My Academics section of RAMSS.
  3. Click the Apply for Graduation link beside the program from which you intend to graduate.

If you are active in multiple programs, be sure to scroll down to see all programs. (If you are applying to graduate from multiple programs, you must apply separately to each one.)

The name shown in red on the Apply for Graduation page is the name that will appear on your graduation document. If this name is incorrect, you must contact Student Records to make any corrections immediately after you have finished your application. Contact the ServiceHub within the applicable name change deadline dates (see Significant Dates in the Undergraduate Calendar).

Submit an Application for Graduation page showing Apply for Graduation link with Degree and Major details

If you applied for graduation previously, you will see two links. Clicking on the ‘View my graduation status’ link will show you the status of your most recent application. Check the date and status carefully.  If only your old application is displayed, you must apply again for the current graduation term.

Submit an Application for Graduation page showing View Graduation Status link
This student was a candidate for a previous graduation but cancelled and must reapply to be considered again.
Submit an Application for Graduation page showing withdrawn/cancelled application status


  1. Select your Expected Graduation Term from the drop-down.
    • A Winter Graduation Term makes you a candidate for the Spring (June) ceremonies.
    • A Spring/Summer Graduation term makes you a candidate for the Fall (October/November) ceremonies

After selecting a term, further instructions will appear.  After you have read them, click Continue.
Select Graduation Term page showing instructions to select Expected Graduation Term and Continue button

  1. Verify that your graduation information is correct and then click Payment.
    Verify Graduation Data page and Payment button
  2. Enter your Credit Card details and click Make a Payment.

Use a two-digit month and a four-digit year. For example: Exp Month = 08 and Exp Year = 2014.

If you are applying during the Late Application period, a late fee will also be levied in addition to the normal administration fee. Upon payment, Print and Save a copy of the Confirmation Page. Please note: the Late Application to Graduate Fee must be paid in addition to the Convocation Fee if you will attend your convocation ceremony.
Make a Payment page showing Graduation Admin Fee, Credit Card Details, and Make a Payment button

  1. Print and save your confirmation page.Application Success page showing Payment Results

Print the "Application Successful" page and keep as confirmation that you have applied to graduate.

Your application to graduate has now been submitted to the Curriculum Advising office who will review it and determine if you are eligible to graduate.

  • If you are eligible to graduate, you will receive an invitation to attend convocation about two weeks prior to the ceremony.
  • If you are not eligible to graduate, you will be notified as soon as possible at your Ryerson email address of any unsatisfied requirements. If you do not satisfy all requirements before the “Final Date to Clear”, you must re-apply for a future graduation.
  1. Verify your graduation status, name and address by checking the View my graduation status link on the My Academics page.View My Graduation Status link on My Academics page

Review the information and rectify any errors immediately.Graduation Status page showing Degree details, application status, and Student Information

Once you have applied for graduation, you have the option to select a minor. This is described in the How to Select a Minor tutorial.

If you have problems applying to graduate, contact