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Dr. Maureen Reed

Phone416-979-5000 ext. 557111


Dr. Reed earned her PhD in Experimental Psychology at York University with a specialty in visual perception.  She has since expanded her research interests to include perceptual aging, cognitive aging, resourcefulness and resilience, and higher education success for traditional and nontraditional students.  Along with her students she is examining the impact of age-related changes in visual neural channels on the interpretation of motion and depth and the effects of such changes on everyday mobility and interpretation of the dynamic environment.  With colleagues in South Africa, she is currently examining cross cultural differences in psychosocial variables of South African first generation students relative to first generation Canadian students.  Further, she has been examining the experiences of students with blindness and other disabilities at Canadian universities.  Her approach is to understand barriers to resilience and resourcefulness (self-controlled coping) when students face stressful challenges.


Selected Publications

Reed, M., & Hadad, M. (2016). Promoting meaning and satisfaction with life to older adults through service learning in continuing education.  Journal of Professional, Continuing and On-Line Education, 1.1, 1-21. Available at, external link

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