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Frauke Zeller

Frauke Zeller
Associate Professor | CCK Director, The Catalyst at The Creative School
The Catalyst, RCC 2nd Floor
(416) 979-5000 x544327

Dr. phil. habil. Frauke Zeller, Associate Professor & Director, The Creative School Catalyst & The Centre for Communicating Knowledge (CCK)

Dr. Frauke Zeller received her multi-disciplinary training and education in Germany and the UK. Her doctoral thesis (published book) focused on Human-Robot-Interaction from a computational linguistic perspective. Her postdoctoral research and Habilitation (highest academic degree in Germany) focused on innovative computational methods for digital environments and won one of Europe’s most distinguished individual research awards, the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship.

Before Frauke joined Ryerson, she was at the renowned Centre for Digital Humanities at University College London (Great Britain), one of the leading research universities worldwide. She is also involved in several international research projects, focusing on the ethics of AI and social robots, and responsible AI. Frauke is the co-creator of Canada’s first hitchhiking robot: hitchBOT. The project garnered broad public interest all around the world and enabled her to continue in multiple AI-based applied research projects with industry and community partners. Frauke's research spans multiple disciplines and she has won multiple research stipends and funding. Her research team always includes a large number of students, who all receive training in several methods, academic publishing and international project work.

Frauke received training in teaching in several countries and has 20+ years of teaching experience in both international and interdisciplinary settings, and she has been supervising and mentoring 50+ students since the start of her academic career. Her consulting experience includes work with a broad range of non-academic stakeholders, mostly focusing on state-of-the-art methods development and AI and interactive systems development.

Her research interests include AI, Human-Machine Interaction/Human-Robot Interaction, digital communication, and method development for digital research analyses.

Research Interests

Audience Studies, Human-Machine Communication, Human-Robot Interaction, AI, Methods, Communication Studies, User Experience Studies, Marketing

Select Recent Publications

  • Zeller, F. (to appear 2022). The Good, the Bad and the How-To of Analyzing Social Media Data, 2nd fully revised edition. In Anabel Quan-Haase, Luke Sloan (eds.), SAGE Handbook of Social Media Research Methods (2nd ed.). Sage.
  • Zeller, F. (2021). Algorithmic machines: From binary communication designs to human-robot interactions. In M. Taddicken, & C. Schumann (Eds.), Algorithms and Communication (pp. 95-133). Berlin. dcr.v9.4
  • Zeller, F. (2020). New Research Avenues in Human-Robot Interaction. Dan Zhang & Bin Wei (eds.), Human-Robot Interaction: Control, Analysis, and Design, pp. 75-92. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
  • Zeller, F., Smith, D.H., Au Duong, J., & Mager, A. (2019). Social Media in Human–Robot Interaction. International Journal of Social Robotics, 12(2), pp. 389-402.
  • Smith, D.H., & Zeller, F. (2018). hitchBOT: The risks and rewards of a hitchhiking robot. Invited contribution to special issue of Suomen Antropologi, 42(3), pp. 63-65.
  • Zeller, F. (2015). Big Data in Audience Research. In Frauke Zeller, Cristina Ponte, Brian O’Neill (eds.), Revitalising audience research: Innovations in European audience research, pp. 261-278. ECREA book series, Routledge.