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Winter 2022 Updates

November 08, 2021
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Updates for Winter 2022

Update: November 8, 2021

This update provides information about ProCom planning for the Winter 2022 semester. These plans may be revised if necessary due to changes in university or public health policies.

How will ProCom deliver its courses in Winter 2022?

The University’s President, Mohamed Lachemi, and the Dean of The Creative School, Charles Falzon, have indicated that the university plans for a mostly full-scale return to campus for Winter 2022.


In person, on campus (F2F and HyFlex)

As required by the university, ProCom will deliver the majority of its classes on campus and in person (Face-to-Face or F2F). The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching provides helpful definitions of different modes of course delivery and explains the difference between synchronous and asynchronous deliveries.

Further, ProCom has acquired technology to facilitate the delivery of HyFlex courses in which students participate online and in the classroom at the same time. In HyFlex classes, students can choose week by week how they will attend class. 

Instructors of F2F courses are encouraged to accommodate remote learners by delivering F2F courses as HyFlex courses. However, ProCom cannot guarantee that F2F courses on campus will also be delivered in HyFlex mode and made available to remote learners. If you are registered in an F2F course, you should plan to attend the course in person on campus each week until you hear otherwise. 


Fully Online Teaching, Remote Teaching, and Blended/Hybrid Teaching

In addition to F2F courses, ProCom also plans to offer several other courses using other modes of course delivery. Please review this google doclist of courses planned for online delivery, external link or hybrid delivery. If a course is not included in the linked list, it will be delivered F2F (with the possibility that the instructor may deliver the F2F course as HyFlex).


When will the Winter 2022 course schedule be available?

The Winter 2022 course schedule will be released in RAMSS by the end of day on November 23, 2021. 


What if I need to make changes to my Winter 2022 class schedule?

You may adjust your class schedule, including swapping from an in-person section to an online section (if available), during the Winter 2022 enrollment period. Winter 2022 enrollment dates are as follows:

  • Monday, December 27: Priority Enrolment Appointments for 4th Year Students 
  • Tuesday, December 28: Priority Enrolment Appointments for 3rd Year Students
  • Wednesday, December 29: Priority Enrolment Appointments for 2nd Year Students
  • Thursday, December 30: Priority Enrolment Appointments for 1st Year Students
  • January 4 - 28: Undergraduate Open Enrolment Period


What if I cannot return to Toronto or campus?

To ensure you can complete the courses you require, return to campus for the Winter 2022 semester.  If you cannot do this, register in courses that offer remote delivery options.  ProCom is working to provide you with the option of a remote/hybrid course load if needed but cannot guarantee you will have access to the courses you desire or require if you do not return to campus. Additionally, remote options are likely to be limited for your Open Elective and Liberal Studies courses. You will receive full details about your specific classes by the end of day on November 23, 2021.


Do I need to be vaccinated and wear a mask on campus in Winter 2022?

Yes! Masking and vaccination requirements will remain in place in the winter semester. For more information about vaccine and masking requirements, including rules around the very limited instances of vaccine exemptions, please read the University’s October 18 announcement regarding vaccination requirements and timelines for winter semester.


What safety precautions are being taken on campus?

We expect the province and the university will not require any distancing requirements, but masks and vaccinations are required on campus. Information regarding distancing is subject to change. Further, the University has taken steps to ensure adequate ventilation


Where can I find the most up-to-date information about ProCom and the Winter 2022 semester?

ProCom will provide further updates here on our updates page. Please also visit our social media accounts (Twitter, external link, Instagram, external link, Facebook, external link) and check your university email inbox for updates. The University’s  COVID-19 site also provides updated information on the return to campus.