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CMN 279 - Introduction to Professional Communication: Course Overview and Syllabus

 Course Overview

This case-based, interactive course introduces students to contemporary strategies of successful communication in professional contexts. Students learn how to analyze audience, situation, and medium to create messages that respond to practical challenges and build productive relationships. Students develop sensitivity to language and tone, learn to organize and convey ideas and information, and select the best means to accomplish their intended purposes.

 Delivery Mode

  1. One online video module per week (the "online hour")
  2. Two hours of in-class workshop instruction

 Featured Technology

  • Videoconferencing - Zoom (most sections), Google Meet or Microsoft Teams
  • peerScholar
  • G Suite - Google Docs, Google Slides
  • Panopto Video Capture
  • Microsoft Office - Word, PowerPoint

 Course Keywords

textual, visual and oral communication, audience analysis, teamwork, message structure, media, ethics, rhetoric

 Service Partners

Ted Rogers School of Management


Sample Course Syllabus

This CMN 279 course syllabus is meant to showcase sample readings and examples of possible assignments common to this course.

Note: accessibility mode can be accessed by opening the embedded document in full screen view. 

Please note this is not an official syllabus. Students enrolled in this course should consult the syllabus distributed by their instructor.