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Bachelor of Professional Communication

A course substitution permits an undergraduate student to substitute one course for another. 

Academic Coordinator


Office: (416) 979-5000 x552755

Phone: RCC 360K

Have questions regarding anything ProCom BA related? Romina Ishani has got your back! As Academic Coordinator for ProCom, Romina is responsible for planning and coordinating the School’s student programs. In addition, she provides guidance and support to ProCom undergraduate students as they pursue academic excellence.

Calendly: See Romina's real-time availability

See my real-time availability and schedule a meeting with me. Calendly is a third-party scheduling system. We do not suggest inputting any sensitive information into this booking system. If your email is of a private nature, please email the person you are working with directly and reference your booking time. Calendly's Privacy Policy is available at: Ryerson's Privacy Policy is available at:

Master of Professional Communication

Q: How many students are accepted into the MPC program?

A: The MPC program is capped at 25 students per year.

Q: Approximately how many applications do you receive per year?

A: We do not disclose our actual application numbers, but it is indeed a competitive program. We do receive a large number of applications.

Graduate Program Administrator


Office: RCC 357E

Phone: (416) 979-5000 x7608

Have questions regarding anything ProCom MA related? Mauro Chiera has got your back! As Graduate Program Administrator for ProCom Mauro is responsible for admissions, enrolment, funding and graduation auditing. 

Administrative Questions

Manager of Administration


Office: RCC 370A

Phone: (416) 979-5326

Have questions regarding anything ProCom? Cherie Bova has got your back! As Manager of Administration Cherie supports the Chair, governance processes, and operations, in addition to human resources management. 

Cherie can assist with enrollment for external students who are currently not in the ProCom BA program. Students who are currently in the program can reach out to Romina Ishani for assistance.

Technology Questions

Full-time ProCom students can book a technology advisor online. Many tutorials are available on our Technology documentation website,

Students in ProCom courses have access to a number of specialized pieces of equipment. We maintain an equipment catalog of models and quick-start guides. Equipment is lent out from The Creative School's Equipment Distribution Centre in RCC 166.

The School maintains three fleXlab teaching spaces for exclusive use by ProCom instructors.

Students have access to the ProCom Practicum Centre.