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Become a Professional Communicator

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At the School of Professional Communication, there are many types of communicators. Wherever their interests lie, ProCom students are passionate about sharing ideas. Through course work and extra-curricular opportunities, students build on this passion and learn how to connect and engage with audiences. They experiment with all kinds of multimedia while making their own creative content. And they build a set of skills that will help them adapt and evolve in the ever-changing world of communications. 

Program Highlights

Enhance Presentation Skills

International Exchange

Internship Course

Dynamic Course Content

Group Collaboration

Expand Technical Skills

ProCom Opportunities. Learn from industry partners, build your tech skills, make your own digital media, find your creative niche

Exceptional creative technology

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ProCom BA students are introduced to the Adobe Creative Cloud tools as soon as they begin their degree in CMN 210. Throughout the entire learning process, a team of staff experts will guide ProCom students through Adobe CC workflows in all ProCom labs. Here is a sample from our Photo Basics workshop.

The Rogers Communications Centre is home to ProCom's dedicated teaching and collaboration spaces. Our student spaces and technology catalog have been designed to cater to our students' unique creative needs. In creating these resources, we've drawin inspiration from our graduates worksplaces, creating spaces where fixed and portable technology tools help our students to becoe creative communicators. 

Right from the start of first term, ProCom BA students are immersed in an environment where technology and space make it easier to collaborate, both on and off of campus. In addition to our fixed space offerings, we offer portable equipment and staff experts who support creative technology through hands-on workshops and consultation hours.

Whether you are working from your living room at home, or at the ProCom Media Booth, we have created a host of virtual and in-person supports for multiple work styles. For more information on our technology offerings, spaces, and staff, email us at, opens in new window.

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