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This website is for students enrolled in the Professional Communication BA program only.

If you are not a Professional Communication student, refer to the Academic Program Directory to contact your advisor.

Academic Supports

Academic Consideration

Academic Consideration (e.g., extended assignment deadlines, make-up assessments) may be requested on the basis of Extenuating Circumstances (such as health or compassion), or on the basis of Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observances. Please see below for the process for submitting an academic consideration request.

Winter 2023 Special COVID-19 category for Academic Consideration Requests

Students requesting Academic Consideration for missed assessments due to cold or flu-like symptoms or to self-isolation associated with Covid-19, may select Covid-19 as the reason and are not required to provide supporting documentation one time per semester.

For any additional Covid-19 requests, in the same semester, Students will now be required to provide a health certificate for verification.  

Extenuating circumstances academic consideration requests:  

Please see PDF fileUndergraduate Academic Consideration – Policy #167

If you are a Professional Communication student, please complete the following:

  1. Inform your instructors by email before you miss your academic obligations (PDF filePolicy 168: Grade and Standing Appeals).
  2. If the circumstance is medical, have a qualified regulated health professional complete the PDF fileToronto Met U Student Health Certificate.
  3. If the circumstance is compassionate, please upload appropriate official documentation, such as a death certificate or obituary.
  4. Please complete the Academic Consideration Request Form (online) and upload all supporting documentation (as indicated in step 2 and 3). You have three business days from the day you missed your academic obligation to submit your request.


  • According to Policy 167, extenuating circumstances are occurrences that: (a) are outside of a student’s immediate control; (b) could not have been reasonably foreseen or avoided; and (c) significantly impact a student’s ability to fulfill their academic requirements.
  • Documentation is required for: final assessments/final exams; temporary absence lasting more than 3 days; and in instances where a request for academic consideration without documentation has already occurred in that academic term.
  • It is your responsibility to contact each of your instructors, via email, to declare that you have or will miss an academic obligation and for alternate arrangements.
  • Approval of academic consideration requests is at the discretion of the course instructor. Submission of supporting documentation does not guarantee that academic consideration will be granted.

All students are permitted to submit an academic consideration request for extenuating circumstances with no supporting documentation once per term. NOTEAll requests involving Final exams/assessments require documentation.

The system will automatically monitor submissions. If a student has already submitted their ACR without documentation for the term, further attempts to submit an ACR without documentation will be restricted. Please see PDF filePolicy 167: Academic Consideration.

Religious, Aboriginal, and Spiritual Observance academic consideration requests:

Please see PDF fileAccommodation of Religious, Aboriginal, and Spiritual Observance - Policy #150

If you are a Professional Communication student, please complete the following:

  1. Please inform your instructors via email (if possible) before you miss your academic obligations (PDF filePolicy 168: Grade and Standing Appeals).
  2. Complete the PDF fileStudent Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance Form. Please read the instructions on the PDF fileStudent Religious, Aboriginal and Spiritual Observance Form carefully. The religious and cultural observance dates can be found on Toronto Met's Religious & Cultural Observances Calendar.
  3. Complete the Academic Consideration Request Form (online) and upload the supporting documentation (as stated in step 2). 

Note: Your request should be submitted within the first two weeks of the class or, for a final examination, within two weeks of the posting of the examination schedule. If the required absence occurs within the first two weeks of classes, or the dates are not known well in advance as they are linked to other conditions, these requests should be submitted with as much lead time as possible in advance of the required absence.