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Afro Indigeneity: Conversations on Identity, Reclamation, and Allyship

September 21, 2020
1:00 PM EDT - 2:00 PM EDT
Join educators and activists Andréa Williams and Nenookaasi Ogichidaa as they engage in a critical conversation on the intersections of Afro-Indigeneity. 

Trigger Warning:

This video contains discussion about Anti-Black Racism, violence, sexual violence, depression, suicide and self harm. This video includes the use of a racial slur in the context of discussing personal lived experience with Anti-Black Racism.

We have created two versions for viewers to choose from. In one version we have partially redacted this word for those who would be triggered by the use of this word but want to be able to view this video. We would like to acknowledge that an understanding of what is being said is necessary and important for both the speaker and the viewer.

Link to Censored Version: (external link) 

Link to Uncensored Version:

Andréa Williams

Andréa Williams (She/Her) is a proud Black Indigenous community educator, working to highlight Indigenous ways of knowing and being within early learning frameworks. Spirit name, Maiingankwe from the Turtle clan, Andréa  supports communities as they embark on a journey of anti racism learning and allyship with the diverse nations of Indigenous peoples in Ontario. 

Andréas lived experience as a racialized woman and mother informs her professional development in a way that invites non Black and non BIPOC to think deeper and ask hard questions. Andréa is also one of Regional Recruitment Coordinators for the RESPCCT Study in Ontario. offered in 8 languages the survey is open to anyone who has experienced a pregnancy in Canada in the last ten years. visit the link through her Instagram bio or

Nenookaasi Ogichidaa

Nenookaasi (she:they/them) is a two-spirit Afro-Indigenous community activist, Pow Wow dancer, drumming/singer artist, wife, mom, and owner of Hummingbird Spirits, a small business that provides traditional medicines while amplifying community wellness.