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Reimbursement of Alcoholic Beverage Expenses Policy

I.    Purpose

This policy describes when, who and how Ryerson University will provide reimbursement for purchases of alcoholic beverages.

II.    Principles

All reimbursement claims must be approved by at least one administrative level higher than the claimant unless otherwise delegated in accordance with the Delegation of Authority policy.

This policy applies to all University Faculty and Staff.

III.    Policy

1.    Submission of alcohol expenses must include the name and purpose of the event, department and a list of the names of those who attended the function.

2.    In no circumstances are alcoholic beverages, considered reimbursable expenses for suppliers, consultants or contractors.

3.    Alcoholic beverages are considered acceptable expenditures where:

·         they are consumed in relation to University-related business;

·         consumption is nominal or moderate*; and;

·         are permitted under the terms of the funding source.

*Faculty and staff are required to exercise sound judgment in this regard.

IV.    Roles and Responsibilities

1.    It is the approver’s responsibility to ensure that reimbursement claims are for business-related expenses, are supported by original receipts and are reasonable and appropriate.

2.    External Funding Agencies: When using funding from external agencies for projects and where their written regulations are different from University regulations, the funding agency regulations will take precedence.  The Travel Authorization form is required to be approved in advance of the scheduled travel date.

3.    Audit:  All expenditures are subject to audit review.

VI.    Jurisdiction

This policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance. The interpretation and application of this policy is the responsibility of Chief Financial Officer.

VII.    Next Review Date

This policy is subject to review every three (3) years.