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Organizational Structure Policy

  • Related Documents:  Organizational Structure Procedure
  • Owner:  Vice-President, Administration and Operations
  • Approver:  Vice-President, Administration and Operations
  • Approval Dates:  January 2004, August 2007


Organizational structures of the University are designed to maximize each department’s ability to contribute value to the achievement of the University’s mission, priorities and goals.  Generally, visual representations of organizational structures provide information to internal community members about how they fit into the overall achievement of the University’s goals and priorities and provide the external public with information about the University’s accountability structures and whom to contact for information and services.  A representation of the University’s organizational structure provides information on the lines of governance of the University and outlines the existing internal relationships.


The purpose of this policy is to provide a visual representation of the University’s key organizational and functional departments/units and outline the relationship between and among them.


The University shall maintain a visual representation of its organizational and functional structure.  The visual representation will be in the form of a high-level organizational chart indicating organizational reporting linkages.

The chart will include the approved name of the organizational department, position title of the key leadership positions and a broad point-form description of the functional programs, services and other key activities associated with each area of jurisdiction.  The chart shall not include individual employee names, email addresses or telephone numbers.


This policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Vice President, Administration and Finance.