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Business Meals / Entertainment Expenditures Procedure


This procedure describes how to obtain reimbursement for approved business meal and/or entertainment expenditures. There are two methods of obtaining reimbursement:

1.  The recommended method for faculty and staff is to obtain and use a Ryerson Travel Card and submit a claim for reimbursement through iExpense, or

2.  Use your own credit card or cash and submit a properly approved paper Business Meal/Entertainment Expense form to the Purchasing and Payment Services of Financial Services

This document is organized with the following sections:

•   how to,

•   responsibilities,

•   forms,

•  definitions and

•   information and assistance.

The related policy is “Reimbursement of Business Meals, Travel and Expenses” . Faculty and staff are encouraged to obtain a Travel Card for their regular ongoing requirements.

How To:

1. Determine Eligible Expenses:

Business meal and entertainment expenses incurred for University business may include food, beverages, gratuities and social or recreational activities. Normally, acceptable purposes for entertaining involve a University guest, visitor or benefactor.

2. Complete a Claim:

Claimants may complete either an online iExpense claim or obtain a Business Meal/Entertainment Statement. Original receipts must accompany claims and be substantiated by sufficient detail to identify the person or persons entertained, including name(s), university or organization affiliation and the purpose for the entertainment.

3. Gain Approval of a Claim:

a.  Business meal and entertainment expenses must be approved for reimbursement by at least one administrative level higher than the person claiming reimbursement.

b.  If no receipts are available, the claimant must submit an approved Supplemental Receipt Form.

4. Obtain Reimbursement:

a. If amount is $100 or less and you have not used your corporate Travel Card, you may take your approved statement to the Cashier’s Office for reimbursement.


b. If your have used your corporate Travel Card, you must forward your online electronic claim through iExpense. Fax receipts to the fax number indicated on your iExpense report cover page.  After approval, reimbursement will be processed within five (5) business days.


c. If you do not have a travel card, but you and your approver(s) have been set up for iExpense, forward your online electronic claim through iExpense. Fax receipts to the fax number indicated on your iExpense report cover page.  After approval, reimbursement will be processed within five (5) business days.


d. If amount exceeds $100, and you cannot use iExpense, forward an approved Business Meal/Entertainment Statement  with original receipts to Purchasing and Payment Services, Financial Services and allow a minimum of ten (10) business days for processing.

Note: To submit an iExpense Claim an Oracle ID and password are required for both the claimant and approver(s). New users must complete and submit a  System Access form to the Systems and Training Unit of Financial Services. Approval limits will be set up in Oracle Financials based on cost centers and approval authorities.

5. Exceptions:

a.  Functions catered internally by Ryerson Food Services will be processed as an internal chargeback.

b.  Delegate meetings and/or social functions: These events often require a contract and/or deposit prior to the function. A contract or deposit can usually be arranged

through the purchasing process.


Some research grants or contracts do not permit charges for business meal and entertainment expenses. The determination of eligibility of business meals and entertainment is the responsibility of the claimant and the Approver.


The claimant must have advance authority, either as an expectation of the position held or from an administrative head of unit, to incur business meal and entertainment expenses on behalf of the University. Each claimant is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the approved claims and that correct distribution account(s) are indicated.


The individual authorizing a reimbursement is responsible for ensuring that claims for expenses are for University purposes only and that claims comply with any applicable external organization or funding agency policies.

Financial Services:

Reviews submissions for appropriate authorizations, supporting documents and variance from normal practice. Claims may be returned for clarification if approvals or documents are missing.


Please ensure you use the updated form, available on the Financial Services web site.  As the forms are pre-numbered, please do not photocopy forms.

Business Meal/Expense Statement (not required for iExpense Claims)


iExpense – a component of the Oracle financial system that permits electronic input, submission and approval of expense and reimbursement claims.

Information and Assistance:

Questions and comments regarding this procedure should be directed to the Manager, Purchasing and Payment Services.

Questions about financial issues should be directed to your Financial Advisor in the Department Services unit of Financial Services.