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Scholarship, Professional Practice, or Both

The practice-based Ph.D. in Media & Design Innovation is an innovative doctoral program that builds on The Creative School's history of applied education and addresses the need for scholar-practitioners in the communications, creative industries and academic fields. 

The practice focus of the program may be particularly well-suited to those interested in entering the academic field as professors within applied university and college settings. Among other possibilities are researcher-practitioners in digital media industries, artist-curators, senior research scientists, developers within industry-based research centres, and government and policy-related careers.


PhD in Media & Design Innovation at a glance

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Professional Careers

Sample areas of research and creative practice:

  • Developing new models of journalistic dissemination
  • Curation and contemporary exhibition practices
  • Experimental Modes of Storytelling and user interaction
  • Designing digital applications for industry and government service
  • Digital fashion design and fabrication
  • Creative technology development and prototyping

Prepare for careers such as:

  • University and college professors
  • Researcher-practitioners in digital media and design industries
  • Senior research scientists
  • Developers within industry-based research centres
  • Government and policy-related careers
  • Artist-curators
  • Media makers