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you, meet us by Rodney Diverlus


From me to you for us by Hanna Kiel (길현아)




Below by Kunal Ranchod


The Last Song by Daile Carrazana

Indigenous organizations to learn from and support

Producer's Note

We are delighted to welcome you to RISE: Fall Dances 2022 — our first live and unmasked dance performance open to the general public since February 2020!

Following the university’s example, we changed the name of our Fall production from “Ryerson Dances” to “RISE: Fall Dances”. Rise is a word of hope, growth, courage, and vision. Together, rise and fall suggest the cyclical and transformative process of life. I couldn’t think of better words to describe my feelings about dance, live performance, and artistic expression. 

After years of heightened challenges in what seems like an increasingly polarized world, the performing arts — with their ability to enlighten, inspire, and cultivate compassion — may be more indispensable than ever. I feel so proud of our students, who choose to dedicate their time and energy to dance, an ancient and yet often misunderstood art form. Dance brings forward the language of the body, a poetic language made of breathing flesh, fluid bones, and pounding heartbeats. This language transcends cerebral understanding and, therefore, inevitably speaks profound truth. It remains a relevant language worth listening to and fighting for.

We are proud to present a mixed program of new dance works created by four distinct and dynamic choreographers.

The evening will begin with you, meet us, a groove-filled work by multi-hyphenate artist Rodney Diverlus. A Dance Program alumni, Rodney returns to TMU amid a flourishing choreographic career. We are thrilled to premiere their latest creation!

Their work will be followed by Hanna Kiel’s powerful From me to you for us. A Dora Award-winning choreographer, Hanna has choreographed for us on multiple occasions. We are thankful she is back in our studios, sharing her craft and experience with our students.

Also included in our program is Below from Dance Program alumnus Kunal Ranchod. The Artistic Director and Founder of Montreal-based Compagnie Kunal Ranchod, his choreography has been presented nationally and internationally. We feel fortunate that he could join us this season and share his beautifully poetic vision.

Last but not least, we are most honoured to premiere The Last Song, a zestful new work by Daile Carrazana, co-founder of internationally-acclaimed Malpaso Dance Company (Cuba). Her choreography is commissioned in partnership with Fall for Dance North. We can’t wait to share this exciting work with you!

Also joining us for RISE are acclaimed lighting designer Noah Feaver and celebrated costume designer/design mentor Rachel Forbes. 

Sincere thanks to my colleague and faculty member Tanya Evidente for all her support and work as rehearsal director for Below and The Last Song

On behalf of the Performance Dance program, we would like to thank the students, faculty and staff in the Performance Production program for their hard work and dedication. Without them and their efforts, this production would not be possible. 

And, of course, I thank you, our audience, who chose to share this moment with us. Your interest and support mean the world to the dancers. I hope you enjoy RISE 2022!

you, meet us

Choreography by Rodney Diverlus

Choreographic Assistant/Dramaturg - Chenise Mitchell

Outside Eye - Louis Laberge-Côté


Prologue Composed by Jason Ramos and Anya Perry

Mama’s Love by Theology

Caliber by Evan Marien, Dana Hawkins, Tigran Hamasyan, Fredrik Thordendal

Straight Horns of Plenty by Sam Newsome

If We Lived on Top of a Mountain by Cleo Laine & John Dankworth

My Queen is Albertina Sisulu by Sons of Kemet

Choreographer's Note

for you, to you; in groove, we trust. 

a maximalist fever dream of rhythm, spine, groove, and delicious undulations. In our world, we aim to stand down straight, to soak in gravity and liberate our pelvis, torso, spine, and spirit. 



Demetri Apostolopoulos Madison Noon
 Sejon Balachandran Kristel San Jose
Demi Mariah Essue Anisa Saouab
Griffen Grice Molly Tiernan
Janeyce Alecia Guerrier Rashae Wilson
Zoë Guthrie Ciara Young

From me to you for us

Choreography by Hanna Kiel (길현아) in collaboration with the dancers

Rehearsal Director: Nicole May Decsey

Music: Thomas Fehlmann, Hélène Vogelsinger, Rival Consoles and Cameron Morse

Choreographer's Note

How do our meetings impact us and shape our future? How do some events bring us together even when we live on opposite sides of the world? In this dynamic work, we explore the dark and bright side of human connections. Sometimes these connections bring pain and negative results and sometimes they give you courage and hope. From me to you for us, is the result of our collective experiences meeting and interacting with one another.

Hanna Kiel would like to thank Vicki St. Denys, Louis Laberge-Cote, Tanya Evidente, Ryan Lee, Nicole May Decsey, Katie Robinson, Minjun Hua, Wing Hua, the whole production team of RISE and the dancers of ‘From me to you for us’ for their trust and openness in this journey.


Declan Baker Zoe Knipfel
Alayna Battaglini Jeffrey Lapira 
Meg Blackwell  Tiffany Lau 
Jennifer Choi Natasja Macdonald
Millina Fletcher Julia Mak
Emily Hodgins Danielle Page
Clara Isgro Alli Robb
Nikaya Jageshar
Danielle Smith
Shona Kiyama Selina Tsai
  Logan Whyte


Choreography by Kunal Ranchod

Music by: Eric Whitacre, Ezio Bosso, Vincenzo Lamagna, Martin Mitterstieler

Choreographer's Note

Why is humankind fascinated with the unknown? “Below” began as an exploration into my fascination with the unexplored depths of the ocean. Growing up, I was always captivated by the vastness and wonderment that is the ocean. Standing on the shore looking across the horizon line the ocean often felt calm, peaceful and full of beauty; once submerged however, that very same ocean felt chaotic, ominous and even dangerous. How one entity can embody such vastly different qualities amazes and inspires me. Much like the ocean, we as humans are entities that embody qualities that are vast and immeasurable. Our surface facade is often simply a veil covering the mysteries and truths residing deep within our core. 

The work begins with the dancers embodying the surface of the ocean - catching light, creating mist and crashing against one another. As the work progresses, we dive into the depths of a fleeting portrait of the unknown. 

“Below” was made in collaboration with the dancers. I am grateful for their respect, artistry and commitment! 

Finally, thank you to Vicki St.Denys for the invitation, Tanya Evidente for rehearsing the work in my absence and Louis Laberge-Cote for your continued support.


Gisele Ardosa Scout Radomski
Szerelem Dutton Chloe Reelis
Meredith Gaston Melina Saintil
Felicia Jackson Emma Searles
Vienna Johnson Leon Shvaitser
Alyssa Kryger Vianna Vaitkus
Zoey McColl Shayla Vu
Olivia Okonkwo Africa Wagg-Le Roux
Melina Patry Claire Welikoklad
Meagan Polegato Lydia Wilson

The Last Song

Choreography by Daile Carrazana*

*Daile Carrazana's choreography is graciously commissioned and presented in partnership with Fall for Dance North.

Cast - November 22nd, 24th, & 26th at 8pm

Demetri Apostolopoulos Shona Kiyama
Meredith Gaston Chloe Reelis
Griffen Grice Logan Whyte
Clara Isgro  

Cast - November 23rd, 25th, 26th at 2pm

Demetri Apostolopoulos Melina Patry
Sejon Balachandran Meagan Polegato
Griffen Grice Claire Welikoklad
Felicia Jackson  

Production Team

Noah Feaver

Lighting Designer

Rachel Forbes

Costume Designer

Nathan Gregory Production Manager
Luca Cazorla Bak Technical Director
Mikaila Strickland Assistant Technical Director
Jess Morcombe Scheduling Coordinator
Alice Nguyen  Front of House Manager
Luis Zaldivar Gonzalez Stage Manager - Below, The Last Song
Katie Robinson Stage Manager - From me to you for us
Lexie Bucovetsky Stage Manager - you, meet us
Margaret Steinbach

Scenic Designer

Head of Carpentry, Head of Paints, Assistant Projection Designer

Hannah Dulong Wardrobe Supervisor
Claudia Matas  Costume Designer - Below, From me to you for us
Merlin Alldis Costume Designer - you, meet us, From me to you for us
Alycia Wheeldon

Assistant Costume Designer to Rachel Forbes

Cutter/Stitcher - The Last Song, Below

Myann Vu Costume Team
Naomi Onah  Costume Team
Melanie Ayoub Costume Team
Adam Rose Costume Team
Shaan Tahir Mehdi  Projection Designer
Thaddeus Pun Head of Projections
Niall Durcan

Associate Lighting Designer

Additional Music for Pre-Show & Intermission

Charlotte Carmichael  Head Electrician
Mitchell Pines Assistant Head Electrician
Anya Perry Co-Head of Audio
Jason Ramos Co-Head of Audio
Jade Wilson Head of Flys
Jane Ashton  Follow Spot Operator, Flys Crew, General Crew
Chelsea Santiago Term Head of Carpentry 
Jensen Pollard   Term Head of Hair and Makeup
Victor Tam  Term Head of Video/Broadcast

The RISE: Fall Dances team would like to thank Erwin Lau, Kate Chubbs, Jonathan Cestnick, Daniel Lei, Nàla Lendor, and Courtney Roy 

Mercedes Blackwood

Fran Chudnoff

Rodney Diverlus

Noah Feaver

Rachel Forbes

Eva Kuo

April Siutong Leung (梁筱彤)

Sam Hale

Daile Carrazana

Logan Cracknell

Andrea Donaldson

Samuel Ferguson 

Hanna Kiel (길현아)

Andrew Kushnir

Eugene Ma

Kunal Ranchod

Dr. Natalie Alvarez

Michael Bergmann Co-Director of Production + Design

Lisa Cox

Louis Laberge-Côté Co-Director of Dance

Owais Lightwala

Dr. Caroline O'Brien Chair, School of Performance 

Vicki St. Denys Director of Dance (on sabbatical)

Dr. Cynthia Ashberger 

Pavlo Bosyy Co-Director of Production + Design

Tanya Evidente Co-Director of Dance

Cole Lewis Director of Acting 

Dr. Cheryl Thompson

Debashis Sinha

Peter Fleming Production & Operations Manager 

Kaya Northway Associate Technical Director 

Bronwyn Pel Wardrobe Supervisor 

Betty Fan (范 敏 清) Production Intern

Sunny Fernandez Academic Coordinator 

Caroline Rodway Communications & Reception Coordinator

Scott Martin Technical Director

Will Sutton Scenery Shop Supervisor

Red Hauser Technical Supervisor 

Sooji Kim (김수지) Production Intern

James McCrorie Manager of Administration

Arsenio Andrade

Charissa Bagan

Samatha Booker

Paul de Jong 

Joanna Falck

Loudres Hernandez

Rosemary James

Allen Kaeja 

Adam Lazarus

Claire Levick

Miha Matevzic

Paul Moody

Adam Paolozza

Mandy Roveda

Siobhan Richardson

Matthew Rossoff

Ivan Sherry

Jennifer Tarver 

Caroline Watters

Jennifer Wigmore

Kelly Arnsby

Katherine Chin

Philippa Domville

Robert Glumbeck

Kate Hilliard

Raha Javanfar

Kaileigh Krysztofiak

Kejd Kuqo

Ryan Lee

Eugene Ma

Marianne McIssac

Laura Nordin 

Michael Reinhart

Marianna Rosato

Lua Shayenne 

Matthew Sirna 

Cary West 

Tim Welham

Suchiththa Wickremesooriya

Ryan Wilson

Helen Yung