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Samantha Booker

Instructor Headshots

Samantha Booker

Anatomy of Movement
Dance Injuries


  • MA Dance Education
  • Diploma, Massage Therapy 
  • BFA Hon, Dance



Samantha Booker (BFA, RMT, MA) is a dance pedagogue and registered massage therapist, with roots in contemporary dance. Through her interrelated scholarship and practice, she works to understand and support physiological connectivity, leading her to study, practice and teaching within and about the human fascial system, the body-wide tissue that supports the human frame. Grounded in her experience as a contemporary dancer and clinician, paired with scholarship from somatic sciences and dance pedagogy, Samantha developed her unique Anatomy syllabus for dancers and actors at Ryerson.

Through both experiential and embodied approaches, alongside more traditional pedagogical strategies such as readings and lectures, Samantha works to support emerging performers to realize full body integration. This teaching experience opened up critical questions about connectivity not only within the body, but across the embodied and performance-based disciplines within her faculty. Her own research became rooted in exploration of pedagogical language and its effects on learning in the context of teaching dance technique.

Samantha sees her role within the School of Performance and a researcher as a catalyst for integration; such interdisciplinary integration is the way forward in clarifying to interpretation and dissemination of knowledge. In the arts and sciences we use different jargon, but upon translation are saying much of the same things. Samantha’s job and talent as an educator lies in building bridges and helping students and colleagues alike make sense of their seemingly different, but often similar and complementary languages. Her favourite part is working collaboratively to facilitate application of what it all means.