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Helen Yung


Helen Yung


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Helen Yung is an inter/transdisciplinary artist. She designs and makes installations, interactions, interventions, exhibitions, experiments and performances. Her company, the Laboratory for Artistic Intelligence develops research led by artists and artistic methods in collaboration with professionals from non-artistic backgrounds to uncover more perspectives and possibilities for society. Her co-creations has been nominated for multiple Toronto Dora Theatre Awards (Outstanding Design, Lighting and Production). 

Design credits include: Das Geswicht der Amiesen (The Weight of Ants) directed by Christof Seeger-Zurmühlen for D'Haus (Düsseldorf State Theatre); LULU directed by ted witzel for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre and the red light district; The Youth Elders Project directed by evalyn parry for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre; Taken By Night co-directed by Andrea Nann and Helen Yung for Dreamwalker Dance Company; This Is Why We Live directed by Coleen Macpherson for Open Heart Surgery Theatre Company; workshop productions of Gertrude and Alice directed by Karin Randoja for Buddies in Bad Times Theatre; and Purgatory in Ingleton directed by Birgit Schreyer Duarte for the red light district and Storm &nd Stress Co.