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Future Directions

Job Prospects

Our program relates practical and theoretical knowledge about language, culture and theory and knowledge to the real world and prepares you for careers in a wide array of areas requiring cross-cultural communication skills.

Extensive multidisciplinary opportunities in the upper years through professionally related electives in a broad range of areas, including social sciences, natural sciences, and business give you flexibility to pursue secondary areas of interest that complement your studies in Language and Intercultural Relations and enhance your career preparation.

Your skills will enable you to approach potential employers, and your knowledge of a different language will make you a more culturally sensitive person, who in return will be more likely to engage in successful cross-cultural relations. Here are only some of the fields of work in which multingualism is a strong asset:

  • Public Service
  • Foreign Affairs and International Development
  • Education
  • Public and International Relations
  • Social Services
  • Journalism
  • Health Care

Advanced Studies

In addition to potential job prospects outlined above, many graduates from the LIR program are pursuing advanced studies after their degree. This includes graduate work in the humanities and social sciences, law school, and even teacher training., external link, opens in new window