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Student Resources and Policies

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Access Toronto Metropolitan University is a university wide initiative with a goal of removing barriers to the full participation of all community members with disabilities. Our mandate is to transform Toronto Metropolitan University into a leader of excellence in accessibility and inclusion of persons with disabilities, and in so doing, fulfill and exceed the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Toronto Metropolitan University's Gdoo-maawnjidimi Mompii Indigenous Student Services (external link)  is committed to a culturally supportive environment that promotes academic excellence, and offers a place to balance academic learning with traditional teachings and culture. Their role is to provide specialized services for Indigenous First Nations, Inuit and Métis Peoples on campus and develop a mutually productive relationship between Toronto Metropolitan University and the Indigenous community. 

The Indigenous Peer Support Program is a dynamic group of Indigenous First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students at Toronto Metropolitan University who conduct outreach and provide peer support to other Indigenous students on-campus. The Peer Support Team can support students by providing information and resources about education, social, and cultural events. Students can also learn how to get involved and connected with the Indigenous community at Toronto Metropolitan University.

For more information, visit Gdoo-maawnjidimi Mompii Indigenous Student Services (external link) .

International Student Support (ISS) offers a diverse range of international student development programming and support to all students. ISS is an office within Student Life that ensures students find community and a sense of belonging, and are supported in all aspects of being an international student. ISS nurtures student engagement and success through exceptional experiences, including immigration advice, health insurance support, and status letters. 

For more information, visit International Student Support.   

The Queer Space is an Equity Service Group of the Toronto Metropolitan University Students' Union. It represents the Queer and Trans voices of Toronto Metropolitan University, including: gay, lesbian, bisexual, two spirited, trans, intersex, queer and questioning.

The Queer Space offers education, advocacy and support of queer and trans people on campus. Our goal is to create a safe and positive campus environment for people of ALL sexual orientations and gender identities. 

For more information visit the Queer Space's Instagram page (external link) .

The BIPOC Students' Collective is one of six Equity Service Centres of the Toronto Metropolitan University Students' Union. The BIPOC Students' Collective works with the Toronto Metropolitan University community to eliminate racism and xenophobia both on and off campus. This is done through education, advocacy initiatives, and campaigns. In addition, the Racialised Students' Collective holds social events throughout the year for racialised students and community members. Their efforts focus on:

  • Providing a safe space for students who have been discriminated against and/or students who are committed to anti-racist action
  • Building an anti-racist network
  • Fostering an anti-racist environment through campus-wide services, campaigns and events
  • Addressing concerns and challenging institutional and overt racism at Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Contributing to TMSU programs and actions to address racism on campus

For more information visit the BIPOC Student Collective's Instagram page (external link) .

A safe and inclusive place for all self-identified women on campus. Provides educational pamphlets, referrals and resources on issues that include racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, eating disorders, housing, sexual assault, pro-choice resources, violent relationships, support programs, women’s health and many more. Men are welcome to use the resources, but need to be let in. Visit the Centre for Women and Trans People's Instagram page. (external link) 

The Trans Collective is one of six Equity Service Centres of the Toronto Metropolitan University Students' Union. The Trans Collective is focused on challenging transphobia, cissexism, transmisogyny, and binarism at Toronto Metropolitan University. The Trans Collective offers education, advocacy, and support for trans people on campus. They have regular meetings where Trans students can support and work together. They also have entertaining and educational events regularly throughout the year, to welcome new members and celebrate each other. 

For more information visit the Trans Collective's Instagram page (external link) .

The Toronto Metropolitan University Students’ Union operates six Equity Service Centres: the Centre for Women & Trans People, the Good Food Centre, the BIPOC Students’ Collective, RyeACCESS, the Trans Collective, and the Centre for Safer Sex and Sexual Violence Support. These centres serve as a space for students from different marginalized backgrounds to come together and organize equity and social justice initiatives, events, and campaigns. The Equity Service Centres each have their own office on the second floor of the Student Campus Centre. For more information, please visit the Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union Equity Service Centres' section under Health & Wellbeing Resources.

The Student Care Office provides one-stop support to help students resolve complex problems with multiple university academic and administrative departments. They consult with the Toronto Metropolitan University community to identify and provide outreach to students in need of extra support and resources. For more information, visit Student Care.


The Lincoln Alexander School of Law is subject to all of the essential policies of Toronto Metropolitan University, with the exception of those listed below. Please visit to access these essential policies.  

Please note that Lincoln Alexander Law is exempted, in whole or in part, from the following Senate Policies:

*Policy 46,  (PDF file) Undergraduate Grading, Promotion and Academic Standing (“GPA Policy”)

*Policy 168  (PDF file) Grade and Standing Appeals LASL is exempt from s. 5.16. Probationary contracts/provisional plans do not apply to LASL

*Policy 2,  (PDF file) Undergraduate Curriculum Structure

Lincoln Alexander Law students are subject to the Toronto Metropolitan University  (PDF file) Lincoln Alexander School of Law Grade & Academic Standing Policy (Policy 170 (c)). The Toronto Metropolitan University Lincoln Alexander School of Law Grade and Academic Standing Policy prevails in the event of conflict with any other TMU Senate policy.