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Global Campus Studio

Students working at the Global Campus Studio

The Global Campus Studio (GCS) is a virtual hub for international collaboration and co-creation among university students in Canada and around the world.

GCS is an internationally-focused offering that provides students at Ryerson University and partner institutions around the world the opportunity to collaborate with diverse international teams on original creative projects. 

With an online studio setting, using contemporary collaboration tools and technologies, student projects engage in disciplines ranging from television to film, performance, fashion, documentary, experiential entertainment and beyond.

Learning objectives for this unique course include both the development of innovative creative practices, as well as an understanding of global collaboration and online co-creation, and working successfully in diverse, remote teams.

How GCS Works

  1. Every semester, Ryerson University offers GCS as a for-credit module. International academic partners then choose one of their own modules to run concurrently.
  2. Together, the faculty members at both institutions choose a creative project, or brief, for their students to collaborate on.
  3. Students develop new concepts and innovative prototypes within a virtual studio environment, helped along by bespoke instruction and mentorship.

Program Highlights

White and greyscale drawing of the world with orange line and dots connecting the world
Global Collaboration
A stencil image of an individual working on their grey laptop with a digital dark and light purple background
Interdisciplinary Learning
A woman in black heels, black pants and pink top with short hair standing next to a board with pink outline
21st Century Solutions
White and greyscale drawing of a person in a wheelchair digitally connecting with a person holding a pink book
Inclusion and Access

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