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We’re excited to share with you our new name, and new logo at The Innovation Studio!

As part of the launch of the Creative School, we are now The Innovation Studio.
August 18, 2021
Innovation studio new logo banner

We’re proud to be a central part of the Creative School, a place like no other, wherein creativity is about new ways of thinking, making and doing, built on more than seven decades of success. 

We’re still the same dynamic space, home to the Design Fabrication Zone, Fashion Zone, Transmedia Zone and Music Den, as well as the Global Campus Studio and exciting initiatives such as the Future Makers Program.

To us in The Innovation Studio, creativity is about being bold and brave. It is the desire to come up with new ideas — and the guts to implement them. We believe that creativity is seeing the world in new ways, and finding innovative ways to connect, engage and entertain people, be it through captivating stories, immersive experiences, or thrilling new design solutions.

The Innovation Studio is a place to come and be inspired, whether your passion is music, film, fashion, new technology, fabrication or storytelling, and we invite you to come and make the future within our hub of creative zones.

The zones are central to who we are in The Innovation Studio, and now, you can see a nod to each of the amazing incubators in our new logo. The colour treatment pulls from the colour palette of each of the creative zones, into something greater than the sum of its parts, and we think, truly special!

We hope you’ll continue with us on this exciting journey, and invite you to explore the new Innovation Studio website at!