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The IBZ Vision

At IBZ, we believe that Canada is a leading hub for technological innovation and are rising to the opportunity to support our nation's most promising entrepreneurs. We invest our time and resources into the ideas that will impact not just markets but society. IBZ is dedicated to providing entrepreneurs with a collaborative, educational, and supportive environment where they don't only learn to succeed but find it rewarding through their social impact.

86 startups currently incubated

Over 30 industry mentors and advisors

Started in 2015

Who are you?

You’re a problem solver, social champion, empathetic leader or visionary dreamer.

You thrive on challenges and see failure as feedback for growth. To you, leadership isn’t about titles—it’s about taking action and holding yourself and your team members accountable. You want to change the world, and you’re willing to take risks with your ideas, even if it seems impossible.

If this sounds like you, and you’re eager to join the next generation of deep tech entrepreneurs poised to transform daily life, you have our attention.

Why join us?

Our programming and activities are focused on your development, as is our community of founders who help you overcome setbacks and meet challenges. Structurally, we provide a support system that gets you through the first phase of your venture: building your prototype, finding market validation, putting together the perfect sales pitch, navigating patents, protecting your intellectual property, and developing a business model. We’ve got your back.

IBZ Areas of Focus

  • Societal Impact
  • Robotics
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Healthtech
  • Manufacturing and Logistics
  • Energy and Cleantech
  • Internet of Things
  • Fintech


Deep Tech + Social Impact

At the IBZ, we believe that the next wave of innovation will be powered by deep tech entrepreneurs who use emerging technologies to help solve our most pressing problems. IBZ immerses you in a learning environment that supports engineering innovation and develops entrepreneurial thinking. The result: your deep tech startup takes on the big challenges that transform everyday life—how people live, work, play and interact. It is as much about social impact as technological ingenuity.

Examples of Hardware and circuitry

All IBZ members benefit from the access to talent and resources made available through the relationship with the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS)—where purpose-driven thinkers advance technology and design. From leading-edge facilities to partnerships with industry, hospitals and the community, the FEAS connection drives innovation and societal impact.

At the Centre for Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CEIE), FEAS students pursue entrepreneurial endeavours and technology ventures. The Centre trains students to be both engineers and entrepreneurs, providing the resources and supports needed to develop and commercialize their ideas. CEIE launched IBZ as a collaborative environment dedicated to educating and supporting entrepreneurs from incubation to commercialization.

The Innovation Boost Zone (IBZ) is one of Toronto Metropolitan University’s 10 Zones, which are spaces where people come together to brainstorm, kickstart projects and build startups. As a Zone member, you can develop your own ideas or put your skills to work by collaborating with a team. Along the way, you’ll grow your network, gain real-world experience, and sharpen your entrepreneurial skills.

IBZ members who are current engineering and architectural science students have access to The Norman Esch Engineering Innovation and Entrepreneurship Awards. The Norman Esch Awards provide financial assistance at three stages of startup development to enable new, innovative ideas for products, inventions, and technologies relevant to the Canadian economy now and in the future.