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Indigenous Education Week

Three flags waving in the wind, one reads "Every Child Matters", the second reads "Anishinaabe First Nations People", the third are the colours of the Pride flag

Indigenous Education Week features programming that includes educational panels, hands-on workshops, entertaining events and more. The week ends with the student-led Pow Wow.

Thank you for joining this year’s event

From September 17 to 22, 2023, the TMU community participated in over 20 events, including a ribbon-skirt-making workshop, a drumming social, a two-spirit identity presentation, several beading and earring-making workshops, a Pow Wow fitness session, a tea with Elders, film screenings, an Inuit culture presentation, a tour of the Indigenous medicine garden and so much more.

A circle of community members in an auditorium, sitting together and listening to one another

The week started with the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM) Reconciliation in Business Conference on Sunday, Sept. 17, 2023, organized by the Treaty Relations in Business Education (TRIBE) student group. The one-day conference, with the theme of “Indigenous worldviews from the classroom to the boardroom,” was designed to foster understanding and inclusion of Indigenous perspectives and encourage the adoption of Indigenous ways of knowing in education and places of business. Photo: Kate Dalton.

A gallery wall with a hide hanging on it

Throughout the week, SciXchange opened their Hide Tanning exhibit so community members could experience the art and science of hide tanning. The gallery included photos from the 2019 Hide Tanning Camp held on the TMU campus and several finished hides using various techniques for attendees to touch and see. Photo: Emily Agard.


This year’s Indigenous Education Week was led by Indigenous undergraduate students Mercedes Massingale (School of Social Work, Faculty of Community Services), Emma Yerxa (Criminology, Faculty of Arts) and Gabrielle McMann (School of Journalism, The Creative School) with support from Crystal Osawamick, manager of Indigenous events and special projects.


If you have any questions, please email Crystal Osawamick, Manager of Indigenous Events and Special Projects, at