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Photography + Integrated Digital

The University’s Photography and Integrated Digital BFA Art and Documentary Media for the 21st century

The Photography and Integrated Digital BFA is among the world’s most innovative places to learn your craft. The BFA in Photography activates 21st century modes of image production including video, design, and emerging technologies. At IMA, we are constantly expanding what it means to work with photographic media in an ever-changing field.

IMA: My Way Episode 2 | What will I learn in Image Arts - Photography Studies?

In this program’s intensive hands-on production environment, you will hone your skills in analogue and digital formats, in still, moving and computer-generated imagery, in creative, documentary and professional fields. You will also engage with the history and theory of your field, giving you an unparalleled grasp of what it means to be making images in the contemporary moment.

At IMA, the image serves as a launch point for photography, video, installation art, 3D environments, immersive experience, graphic design, social media, curation, and historical practices. Students in our program engage in cutting-edge image making practices, work in state-of-the-art facilities, and are mentored by industry leading faculty and scholars.

Come join us to develop the conceptual, technical and professional skills you need to prepare yourself for a career in the expanding world of lens-based visual media.

Integrated Digital Option

Expand your creative and analytical skills. Explore interactive, cross-platform, cross-disciplinary art practices. Examine the differences between traditional image media and the new.

The Integrated Digital (ID) Option is available to film and photography majors starting in third year. The Option is comprised of studio and lecture courses in image-based media and visual studies. The Option is designed to expand creative and analytical skills beyond the borders of film and photography. Areas such as multi-channel, titling, web-based image book design are among the many cross-platform, interactive art practices offered within the Integrated Digital Option.

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements:

  • Minimum overall average of 70% establishes eligibility for admission consideration, subject to competition.
  • Portfolio.
  • Written Statement.
  • Resume.

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"The combination of hands-on production and in-class theory attracted me the most"

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Function is annual visual art and culture publication run by students from the School of Image Arts.

The best photography program in Canada.

Photography—Is It For You?

Everywhere you look there are photographs. A photo has the power to convey complex meaning, stir emotions and spark conversation. In Photography Studies, the focus is on using the theories and techniques of the craft, along with a healthy dose of imagination, to create images that compel, provoke and inspire viewers. Today, the practice of photography has expanded to include web tools, video and sound. This program embraces both old and new technology to teach you how to turn your photography into art. Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University) graduates find work as photographers and make a valuable contribution to Canada’s visual art practice.

As a Photography and Integrated Digital student at IMA you will:

  • Get hands on training with the best equipment and facilities in the country
  • Join a thriving, tight knit, and supportive community of your creative peers
  • Work with an amazing faculty of talented makers and thinkers
  • Exhibit your work in our on campus and off-site galleries, publish in our books and magazines, participate in our many IMA events and festivals
  • Get connected with the visual and cultural industries in Toronto, Canada and around the world
  • Benefit from our internship programs, our many available minors, and study abroad with our numerous partner institutions
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Maximum Exposure

For more than 20 years, students have exhibited their film and video, photography, illustrations, animations and mixed media projects to faculty, industry professionals, media, family and friends at this year-end show.

Artspace Platform

In Toronto’s Arts and Design district, the Artspace offers students the opportunity to exhibit their work in one of the city's major cultural hubs alongside working professionals.  As an off campus classroom, the gallery also provides unique opportunities for students to learn about curatorial studies, exhibition design and the business side of the creative industries.


Run by the University's School of Image Arts, which was established in 1948 and offers:

Work Placement: Build your practical experience and make valuable career contacts by completing an internship at a company involved in photographic services.

Practical Assignments: Complete photography projects in such forms as exhibitions, books, magazines, short films, digital media and site-specific installations.

Independent Project: A self-directed project enables you to create a conceptual and visual production of images that will be displayed to the public.

Leading-edge Facilities: Enjoy access to one of North America’s largest photo production facilities, which features extensive areas and equipment for analog and digital image-making. The School of Images Arts itself houses the new Ryerson Image Centre, which contains the world-renowned Black Star Collection.

Global Learning: Expand your knowledge of photography theories and practices by participating in an international exchange program.

Comprehensive Materials: With Canada’s largest teaching collection of film, photography and new media materials, the School of Image Arts enables you to put classroom learning into context.

After Graduation

As a Photography and Integrated Digital graduate you will emerge from the program with a wide range of transferable skills and fully prepared for professional life in a constantly changing field.

Our graduates work as independent artists, image makers, and documentary photographers. They also work in the creative industries as curators, producers, photo editors, publishers, educators, writers and critics, museum administrators, technicians, and entrepreneurs whose businesses include photographic and film production companies, galleries, photo and film labs, social media companies, and fine-art finishing and handling services.

A leading visual media program for a digital world.