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Photography + Integrated Digital

Redefining the future of photography.

Everywhere you look there are photographs. Photography has the power to convey complex meanings, stir emotions and spark conversations. In the BFA Photography Studies, the focus is on creating images that compel, provoke, and inspire viewers. 

Today’s photography is a constantly expanding field that includes video, installation, and emerging imaging technologies. This program embraces a full range of lens-based media to engage in the politics, aesthetics and cultural realities shaping society today. Our graduates are artists, editorial, fashion and commercial and documentary photographers,but also filmmakers, curators, teachers and entrepreneurs. They work in galleries, studios, universities, magazines, newspapers, publication houses, creative agencies, and  businesses, making invaluable contributions to Canada’s image-based industries.

The image, reimagined. 

Program Highlights

The Tools

Produce your work at the highest professional level with access to state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, including studios, cameras, lenses, lighting, printers, and dark rooms. With two gallery spaces on campus, and our offsite Artscape Gallery at 401 Richmond, students showcase their work in the heart of downtown Toronto.

The Ideas

Explore both the practice and theory of creative image-making. Throughout the program, your studio learning is supported by globally-informed history and theory courses, which will help you better understand your craft, and how to make meaningful images right now.

The Community

Join our outstanding student community and our extensive creative networks. Benefit from the School’s excellent reputation and strong industry ties through our incredible networking and mentorship opportunities, visiting artists programs, workshops, and internships.

The Faculty

Learn from a wide range of industry leading lens-based professionals and internationally recognized artists and scholars. Our faculty is dedicated to supporting your creative, academic, and professional development.

Admission Requirements

Hone your skills in Canada’s most prestigious photography program, working in analogue and digital formats, with still, moving and computer-generated imagery and in creative, documentary and professional fields.

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements:

  • Minimum overall average of 70% establishes eligibility for admission consideration, subject to competition.
  • Portfolio.
  • Written Statement.
  • Resume.

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More than a Photo

The Integrated Digital (ID) Option is available to film and photography students starting in third year. It comprises  studio, technical, and theory courses with a particular emphasis on digital media and emerging creative technologies. The ID Option is designed to expand creative and conceptual  skills beyond the traditional borders of film and photography. Areas such as multi-channel, titling, web-based image book design are among the many hybrid  art and design practices offered in the ID Option.

Celebrating our Talent

Maximum Exposure is the annual year-end showcase featuring art from our Photography students. Student work is presented throughout the Image Arts building, showcasing a curated selection of photography, installation, moving image and digital art, as well as an  online exhibition. Maximum Exposure 27 The Time is Now celebrates the future of image-making as envisioned by the next generation of lens-based artists and creative professionals.

Photography Alumni

Emerge from the program equipped with a broad range of transferable skills, ready to make a positive impact. Our alumni have a proven track record of finding professional and creative success as artists and image makers, designers, critics, art directors, curators, and more.


Student Work

Our students explore the field of image making through different techniques aimed at developing world-class professionals and internationally acclaimed artists.

Justynn Rogue, external link, opens in new window, Mother from the series Never too Late to Leave.

Jake Greenup, Tactile Effects.

Abygail De Leon, Doug's Vintage Toy Trucks I from series More Than One.