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Film + Integrated Digital

The home of Canada's film talent.

Join the next generation of changemakers in the landscape of film. Through the BFA Film Studies you will be equipped with the foundational skills that encompass the world of film: conceptual and artistic to technical and critical. 

Uncover the best way of telling your story and engaging an audience, through cinematic techniques and skills. Learn by doing and gain hands-on experience in all aspects of film, from cinematography and sound design to filming with digital and analog technologies. Over the course of your studies, you’ll forge lasting collaborations with your peers by creating a body of documentary, experimental, and scripted short films.

Inspire the world through your lens.

Program Highlights

The Connections

Embrace our supportive student community and develop deep connections with your peers. Film is a collaborative medium, and your classmates will become your professional network.

The Tools

Take advantage of access to state-of-the-art, industry-grade equipment and facilities offered by Image Arts – including a suite of celluloid and digital cameras and lenses, sound stage, screening rooms, film processing lab, film editing suites, audio mixing facilities, and more.

The Industry

Work in the heart of Toronto, Canada’s top hub for all facets of production, including notable streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Canada's film industry is at your doorstep. 

The Recognition 

Premiere your fourth-year thesis film and network with industry professionals at the annual Image Arts Film Festival, where many films go on to other international film festivals and win awards— TIFF, Cannes, Sundance... just to name a few. 

Behind the Scenes Images/Courtesy of Image Arts Film Festival, external link, opens in new window.

Admission Requirements

Learn the technical and storytelling skills needed to produce short and long films in this world-class film program. Gain experience in all areas of filmmaking including writing, directing, producing, cinematography, sound, art direction and editing, combined with film history and critical theory. 

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with a minimum of six Grade 12 U or M courses including the following program specific requirements:

  • Minimum overall average of 70% establishes eligibility for admission consideration, subject to competition.
  • Portfolio.
  • Project Outline.
  • Written Statement.
  • Resume.


Beyond the Cinema

The Integrated Digital (ID) Option is available to film and photography students starting in third year. It comprises  studio, technical, and theory courses with a particular emphasis on digital media and emerging creative technologies. The ID Option is designed to expand creative and conceptual  skills beyond the traditional borders of film and photography. Areas such as multi-channel, titling, web-based image book design are among the many hybrid  art and design practices offered in the ID Option.

Celebrating our Talent

The Image Arts Film Festival is an annual student-run festival which premieres the thesis films made by the film studies students. Every May since 1998, the festival originally known as RUFF has showcased some of the best student films made in Canada, which have gone on to play at international film festivals and win Canadian Screen Awards. We provide student filmmakers with a platform to launch their careers in film and connect with leading industry players.

Film Alumni

Through a thriving and collaborative community network, graduates build a bridge to professional life in careers that span the entire film industry. Film alumni are working as directors, editors, cinematographers, producers, and independent filmmakers. 

Student Work

Our students explore the field of filmmaking through different techniques aimed at developing world-class professionals.

Ryan Nesbitt, Swim Low.

Walter Woodman & Patrick Cederberg, Noah. 

Hanna Jovin, Erika.

Alicia K Harris, Love Stinks.

Kazik Radqwanski, Princess Margaret Blvd.

Aaron Kopff, Sounds Like Silence.

Tyson Breuer, Three Small Words