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Image Arts Certificate Programs

Build real-world knowledge and career skills. Certificates offer university-level studies in your area of interest.

Film Certificate Information


Build a solid foundation in the principles, contemporary theories, and techniques of the motion picture medium.

You may take one or more courses or workshops or choose to pursue the full certificate program, which is a basic professional program of study.

The certificate program is an excellent starting point if you want to pursue a career in the film industry or satisfy your curiosity about film and film production.

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IMAGE ARTS Certificate Info

Image Arts

(specialization in film or photo)

Do you want to enter into an exciting career in the film, photography, design, communications, or cultural industries? This certificate program can provide you with the knowledge and skills to perform responsibly in these industries as a professional in creative or managerial positions. Whether your interest lies in the highly commercial, artistic, or experimental, the curriculum can provide you with the necessary grounding to move on to advanced study in a variety of media-related academic and artistic disciplines.

Many students take this certificate program before applying or re-applying to undergraduate programs at the University‚Äôs School of Image Arts.

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Photography Certificate Information


Learn, upgrade, or master photography skills. Discover your creative potential. Turn your passion into a profession.

Focus on photography production and create a number of portfolios to change or advance your career.

Photography is an important medium of communication in industry, sales and advertising, government, education, the press, and the arts. The demand for properly trained and qualified photographers continues to grow.  

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Digital Art Certificate Information

Digital Art

Develop your creative and technical skills in digital content production. Learn design, visual communication, interaction design, and storytelling skills. Enrich your understanding of art, media, and culture.

This hands-on, experiential program will support you in creating original content and integrating it into the digital world. You will also gain theoretical, historical, and contemporary knowledge of art, design, and global communication.

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