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Ahnoowehpeekahmik: Staff & Faculty Wellbeing Lounge

Ahnoowehpeekahmik: Staff and faculty wellbeing lounge

The Staff and Faculty Wellbeing Lounge is designed to enhance employee mental health and support wellbeing.

Ahnoowehpeekahmik: Staff and faculty wellbeing lounge

Reflective of TMU’s commitment to the whole person, the Staff and Faculty Wellbeing Lounge is designed to enhance and support wellbeing.

Developed through extensive consultation across faculty and staff, the Staff and Faculty Wellbeing lounge provides space to connect, socialize and eat while providing the opportunity to rejuvenate and rest.

Features and space use

Some of the new elements in the updated space include:

  • cedar wood wall and ceiling feature
  • food preparation area with microwaves and a water station
  • dining tables and seating area
  • communal table in a separate alcove for larger informal gatherings
  • lounge area with armchairs and ottomans
  • rest area with loungers and customizable lighting

How the space received its name

Two comfortable chairs and several side tables with a modern lamp in the Staff and Faculty lounge.

As part of TMU’s ongoing work to Indigenize its campus, one of the priorities for the design of the staff and faculty wellbeing lounge was to include Indigenous elements throughout.

Pronounced ah-new-weh-peek-ah-mik, the name was provided by TMU Elder Joanne Dallaire and is a Cree name meaning ‘a safe place to rest’. To learn more about how the space came to life, read the article, Enhancing employee wellbeing through inclusive design.

Visiting the space

Location: POD 156

Space access: Employees can access the space using their OneCard. If you are unable to access the space with your OneCard, please contact HR Client Services at or 416-979-5075.


For questions about the space, contact Sevgi Pala, workplace wellbeing advisor, or 416-979-5000, ext. 552773.