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TMU Recharge

TMU Recharge was launched in June 2020 and stressed that it is critical that we each take care of ourselves and our loved ones. This must continue to be our first priority.

Continue to work together to implement work norms that support wellbeing

While we know these norms are not a one-size fits all, we strongly encourage departments to work together to determine how to implement them, and to consider additional department or unit-specific practices to support wellbeing and balance. Leaders are encouraged to find ways to implement as many of the norms as possible on a regular and ongoing basis:

  • No evening or weekend emails unless urgent
  • Meetings conclude by 6 p.m. at the latest
  • Book meetings in 50 or 20 minute increments
  • Consider using the Gmail “scheduled send” function when sending emails outside of work hours

Summer 2023 TMU Recharge initiatives

University-wide summer hours

For July and August, the university will close at 3 p.m. on Fridays. Employees should be able to sign off work at 3 p.m. wherever possible. Leaders and employees should work together to find ways to adjust varying work schedules accordingly.

Please note this does not apply to teaching activities if classes or exams are scheduled after this time.

Meeting-free-Fridays for the summer

Meeting-free-Fridays for July and August will allow for focused time to accomplish tasks, move projects forward, end your week well and to help address online meeting fatigue. Of course some urgent meetings will still need to take place on Fridays, but these should be the exception, not the expectation.