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The Future of Work at TMU

The front steps of the Student Learning Centre in the early evening.

Reimagine. Redefine. Rework.

Since the spring of 2020, we have operated beyond the traditional model of work. Let’s harness this momentum and the lessons learned along the way.

Connection and creativity don’t have to be tied to location - this is our opportunity to continue to evolve in the tools we use and the spaces where we collaborate. In turn, we can cultivate improvements in the employee experience, and in the way we get things done.

After several months of consultations with senior leaders, an employee survey, best practice research and an organizational analysis, we have determined that the future of work at TMU will be a hybrid workforce model. 

This means our workforce will have employees who work on campus, employees who work remotely, and employees who do a combination of both.

More information and a guide to help transition departments to a hybrid workforce is available on the Future of Work website.