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Pension Buy-Back

Credited service refers to one of the factors used to calculate the pension you receive from the Ryerson Retirement Pension Plan (RRPP). For each month you contribute to the plan, you receive up to one month of credited service.

The more years of credited service you have in the RRPP, the higher your pension benefit will be when you eventually leave Ryerson. The maximum credited service you can earn in the RRPP is 35 years, including service transferred in from another plan.

If your service is interrupted or if you worked at Ryerson before joining the RRPP, you may be eligible to buy back credited service upon your return or purchase prior service at Ryerson.

Several service purchase programs are available that allow you to maximize your service credit in the Plan.

Purchasing prior Ryerson service

Purchasing service from an approved leave of absence

Purchasing service from a WSIB leave

Protecting service from a sabbatical

If you have questions about purchasing credited service in the RRPP, contact Pensions and Benefits.