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Eligibility & Enrolment for Medical & Dental

You are eligible for benefits as long you are:

When will my coverage begin?

Your coverage begins on the date that you become a member of the RFA as you are actively at work, otherwise coverage begins when you are actively at work.

Can my family be insured for some benefits?

Yes, your spouse and eligible children (dependents) can be insured under the Extended Health Care and Dental Plans.

In order to be eligible, dependents must:

  • be a permanent resident in Canada and covered by provincial health insurance (e.g. OHIP) or the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP).

Dependents are eligible:

  • as soon as your enrolment in the plan is effective or the date they become your dependents (if that date is later).

If a dependent is confined in a hospital on the date coverage would commence, coverage will commence on the day following the last day of confinement. This does not apply to a newborn child.

Anything else I should know?

Enrolment information for your family must be provided to Pension and Benefits within 30 days of your spouse/dependents becoming eligible. This could be your hire date, your benefits eligibility date, your marriage or a birth.

If your dependant is hospitalized when his or her coverage is scheduled to begin, the coverage will not start until he or she recovers.

How do I enrol?

As a Ryerson employee you are automatically enrolled for single coverage effective on your benefits eligibility date. The only action on your part is to complete the Group Benefits Enrolment/Change form in order to enrol your eligible dependents and assign a life insurance beneficiary.

In most cases, Human Resources will provide you with an enrolment form prior to your benefit eligibility date.

You can also download the Sun Life PDF fileGroup Benefits Enrolment/Change.

Anything else I should know?

It’s your responsibility to complete your Sun Life enrolment form and to ensure that your dependants are enrolled properly. The next section provides some tips on the process.

If you have any questions, contact Pension and Benefits.

Filling out the Group Benefits Enrolment/Change Form

Should I select single or family coverage?

For individual coverage, select Single. This will provide coverage for yourself only.

For coverage of spouse and dependents, select Family. This will cover yourself and your spouse, and/or your dependant children.

Can I opt out of coverage? How?

If you have coverage under another plan (i.e. your spouse’s plan), you may opt out of the EHC Plan and/or Dental Plan if you provide proof of the other coverage. Contact the Pension and Benefits for details.

Note: In order for your spouse/dependents to receive coverage, you must be covered under the plan. You may not opt out for yourself while still insuring your family.

When does my coverage end?

Your coverage under the active employee benefits program will end on the earliest of the following dates:

  • The date you terminate employment with Ryerson;
  • The date the relevant plan policy ends;
  • The date you begin an unpaid leave of absence, if you choose not to continue your benefits coverage during your leave;
  • The date you change employment within Ryerson if this benefit plan is not offered under your new employment category;
  • The end of the period for which you have paid premiums (for optional coverage only);
  • The date you request, in writing, to stop deductions (for optional coverage only); or
  • The date you retire on a normal or early retirement date from Ryerson (refer to information for retirees for more details).

Coverage for your dependants stops when they no longer qualify as dependants or when your own coverage ends.

Ryerson reserves the right, at any time, to amend, change or discontinue any benefit coverage. If there is a question about coverage referred to in any portion of this benefits communication, the master contract from the insurer is the governing document.