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Performance & Development: Growth & Shared Accountability

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Regular feedback combined with the annual performance review and feedback helps to keep employees engaged in the work that they perform. Development plans and performance reviews focus on coaching and developing employees, helping them to reach their full potential.

Why performance reviews matter

  • Because every employee deserves to receive coaching and feedback.
  • Increase your capacity to manage a flexible workforce.
  • Support employee wellbeing. 
  • Create a culture of inclusion at TMU.

Performance and Development for MAC and senior admin employees

The performance and development program puts an emphasis on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI), employee development, growth and shared accountability.

We’ve created a suite of resources on a Performance and Development microsite. Find information on topics like setting objectives, providing feedback, coaching and development, and recognizing performance and employee development. You’ll also find the form where you need to document objectives.

Highlights of the performance & development program

The program has an increased focus on regular feedback (external link)  and coaching and development (external link) . The cycle begins with setting objectives, followed by informal check-ins during the fall and winter semesters to assess and adjust, and then a final review at the end of the performance year.

Five common rating definitions (external link)  have been created to help ensure a consistent, fair and transparent approach, and to reduce bias. Understanding the definitions for each rating level will help managers and employees know what behaviours and achievements are expected.

Clear objectives (external link)  and measures that connect to organizational priorities helps keep employees engaged and ensures everyone moves in the same direction.

Every leader has a consistent EDI objective (external link)  to measure progress in three core areas: hiring, building an inclusive environment, and personal and team EDI development. This establishes EDI as a core competency and expectation of all leaders.

Performance and Development for OPSEU

While MAC performance planning is tied to an annual performance cycle, the OPSEU cycle varies depending on an employee's start date and it is not connected to merit. We encourage leaders to have ongoing performance discussions with all employees, including OPSEU. Contact your human resources partner for additional guidance.

 (word file) Development feedback form OPSEU

OPSEU employees use this form to track development planning and performance reviews.


For guidance and support in performance planning for your team contact your human resources partner.