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Hiring Teaching/Graduate Assistants, Lab Monitors & Invigilators

Employees in CUPE 3904, Unit 3 perform duties including course assistance, teaching assistance, tutoring, demonstrations, monitoring, and marking or grading to support course delivery done by faculty members and contract lecturers.

The hiring of teaching assistants (TAs), graduate assistants (GAs), lab monitors and invigilators is governed by rules outlined in the CUPE 3904, Unit 3 collective agreement and administered using eHire and eAppoint systems.

CUPE 3904, Unit 3 hiring resources

Visit the Office of Faculty Affairs website to access resources to support hiring TAs/GAs, lab monitors and invigilators, including an FAQ about the collective agreement that governs this employee group.

Resources for TAs/GAs

The Learning and Teaching Office website offers a comprehensive overview of this employee group, including many useful resources such as the Invigilator Manual. Direct new hires to Resources for TAs/GAs to help them get started in their role.